The UNESCO Bangkok Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education identified the MSU-IIT College of Education as one of the Resource Distribution Centers (RDC) for the Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education Materials.

As RDC, the CED will lead in disseminating ICT resources and conduct pre- and in-service teacher training activities on ICT in Education.

CED will disseminate seven (7) compact disks on teaching and learning resources as well as a Regional Guide in using ICT. These materials are expected to transform teacher practices and the praxis of the education system.

 Bangkok -
 ICT in Education Resource Center

UNESCO-Bangkok embarked on the “Scaling Up ICT in Education Teacher Training” Project to build upon and enhance the achievement of the South-South Cooperation Project on ICT in Education Teacher Training.

As one of the identified Teacher Education Institution-Resource Distribution Centers across the world, the College boasts of contributing the expertise of Dr. Ruben L. Abucayon, CED Educational Media Center Coordinator, who was nominated to participate in the “South-South Cooperation Regional Training Workshop for TEI-RDC’s” on October 25-28, 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The training-workshop is expected to help the 25 participants across the world to improve their understanding and application of project-based approaches in the 21st Century classroom. It will also train the participants on practical ICT pedagogy-integration of the free UNESCO multimedia resources and interactive tools into teachers’ actual lessons. The participants are expected to set concrete targets and action plans in replicating the training workshop in their own countries through the “training prior to distribution” approach.

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