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The College has produced has produced a lot of quality graduates, among them are topnotchers in the Chemistry Licensure examination. Recently, it was number one (1) in the list of the top performing schools in the 2002 Chemistry Licensure Examination. Through the years, its percentage passing in the Chemistry Licensure Examination has been consistently very high. The college has also produced several winners in different regional/national student competitions. It has also consistently sent delegates to the most prestigious training ground for student leaders, the Ayala National Young Leaders Congress. Many of the graduates of the College are now well-placed and are leaders in their respective fields.

CON completes three-part webinar series

CON completes three-part webinar series

by Dani G. Ortega, CON The College of Nursing on May 28, 2021 completed the last of its three part webinar series on Optimizing the Value of Clinical Nursing Practice in the New Normal...

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About Us

In July 12, 1968, President Marcos signed the law establishing the Iligan Institute of Technology as integral part if the Mindanao State University system. This effectively abolished the Northern Mindanao Institute of Technology, earlier created by law (1965) but never gained existence. In the early stage, the Department of General Education was handling the service courses of the Institute. This department later evolved into the School of Arts and Sciences and was allowed to offer baccalaureate programs.

In 1978, the Board of Regents authorized the establishment of the School of Science and Mathematics. The signing of a Special Order on February 15, 1979 marked the start of the operation of the SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS (SSM), with Dr. Remigio G. Tee as its first Dean. The school was later renamed in 1984 as the COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS (CSM). The College offered baccalaureate degrees in Mathematics, Statistics, Marine Biology, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics. A few years later, graduate programs in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and Physics were also offered. The first Ph.D. program of the Institute, the Ph. D. in Mathematics, was started in 1994 and produced its first graduate in 1998. At present, the College’s four departments offer MS and Ph.D. programs. In June 2004, the College will offer the BS in Nursing program under the Department of Health Sciences.

In 1997, the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) awarded the four departments of the College the status of Centers of Excellence (COE). This recognition was given to only four other schools in the Philippines, which are all located in Luzon. MSU-IIT is the only school in the Visayas and Mindanao area that achieved the feat of being a Center of Excellence in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. With the recognition and a corresponding financial grant, the College was able to update its instructional facilities, acquire state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, improve library facilities, and finance other research-related activities.

At present, the College boasts of being the leading institution in Science and Mathematics in Mindanao. It aims to be an internationally-recognized National Centers in Science and Mathematics. The college has a very competent faculty force, which includes a total of 31 Ph.D. holders, the highest concentration of Ph.D.’s in Visayas and Mindanao. Some faculty members are recipients of Outstanding Young Scientists Awards and Outstanding Scientific Paper Awards from the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award. The DOST recognizes the College as a nodal institution, where DOST Scholars nationwide can study. Other institutions providing scholarship grants in science and mathematics usually advise students in the Mindanao area to enroll in the College.

Our Programs

The College of Science And Mathematics houses the Departments of Biology, Physics, Statistics & Mathematics, and Chemistry. It is equipped with various facilities to compliment research and enhance the students’ learning experiences.

Biological science

Bachelor of Science in Biology (General)

Build your fundamental knowledge in Biology and gain an overview of the general science behind it

Bachelor of Science in
Biology (Botany)

Specialize in the science of plant life and conduct contributive research by taking up this course.

Bachelor of Science in Biology (Marine Biology)

The Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology program (BS-MB) is provides knowledge and skills to students on the concepts and theories of modern biological sciences, physical and biological basis of aquatic life.

Bachelor of Science in Biology (Zoology)

Build a strong foundation in cell and developmental biology, marine and freshwater biology, ecology, evolution, fisheries and neurobiology.


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Build a strong foundation in the theories and concepts of Chemistry and develop your research skills through intensive classroom discussions and laboratory activities.

Mathematics & statistics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Attain extensive knowledge and preparation in the different areas of specialization in Mathematics.

Bachelor of Science in Statistics

Undergo thorough and comprehensive training in designing experiments, gather and analyze data, manage and process data using a variety of software packages, and disseminate the results of the study to the end-users.



The BS Physics is a four-year undergraduate program with specialization in Materials Science, Soft Matter and Biophysics, High Energy and Radiation Physics and Theoretical Physics.