Two MSU-IIT Alumni chapters were added to the growing MSU-IIT Alumni chapters in the country. The event was made possible through the effort of the Association of IIT Alumni Foundation, Incorporated and concerned IITians in the respective areas. These two chapters were the MSU-IIT Alumni South Cotabato Region and the MSU-IIT Alumni General Santos Area. The program revolved around the direction of the association in building alumni values and commitment all over the world in the context of “IITians helping IITians” towards a bigger, stronger and better MSU-IIT Alumni Association. Since its founding in 1968, the more than 30 thousand MSU-IIT alumni are scattered all over the country and in other parts of the world with varied disciplines and expertise. Organizing of chapters is in line with the thrusts of strengthening the MSU-IIT Alumni network similar to the experiences of Ateneo and DeLa Salle.

MSU-IIT Alumni South Cotabato Region on the Rise

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MSU-IIT Alumni South Cotabato Region successfully staged their Induction of Officers on April 4, 2009 at the Casa Gemma Hotel and Restaurant, Gensan Drive, Koronadal City.  The chapter was headed by Mr. Jose Reuben G. Tano of ELET Batch 87 with 39 members in the region. Prof. Darwin Manubag – the President of the Association of IIT Alumni Foundation, Incorporated graced the occasion together with the President of MSU-IIT Alumni Davao Chapter – Mr. Mussolini Sinsuat Lidasan and the President of the MSU-IIT Alumni Cagayan de Oro Chapter  – Mr. Joseph Rodriguez.

iit alumni south
             cotabato officers
The Officers of MSU-IIT Alumni South Cotabato Region

MSU-IIT Alumni South Cotabato Chapter is headed by the following officers: President; Jose Reuben G. Tano, Vice President for Internal Affairs – Floro Calixton Jr, Vice President for External Affairs – Jessie Pinzon Gonzales, Secretary General – Felix S. Tabanao, Jr., Treasurer- Emelita Solidad Morido, Auditor – Jesusana M. Aperocho, Director for Membership – Gabriela Plasencia, Director for Sports and Felowship – Ronaldo J. Parreńo, Director for Alumni Programs – Alex Sabilla, Director for Ways and Means – Marvin V. Ramirez, Chapter Adviser- Prof. Victoria Opulencia.

MSU-IIT Alumni
             South Cotabato Region

The MSU-IIT Alumni South Cotabato is committed to support the initiatives of AIITAFI in strengthening the IITian network in the region. President Sunio said that they are waiting for the creation of the MSU-IIT Alumni chapter for a long time.  The induction is followed by a fellowship with a lot of story telling, reminiscing the IITian days and of course beer drinking-the IITian way.

The attendees were also very excited to attend the 3rd MSU-IIT Alumni homecoming on July 11, 2009. The reunion in IIT will be more meaningful because of the presence of a delegation coming from South Cotabato. The alumni in the region are still on the process of tracing the alumni in South Cotabato. For more details, please contact their Secretary General Mr. Felix Tabanao at 09184310517.

MSU-IIT Alumni General Santos is Born


The MSU-IIT Alumni General Santos was triumphant in staging their charter Election and Induction of Officers last April 5, 2009 at Kuya Ed Lechon and Tuna Grill, Balimbing corner Santol Streets, General Santos City. The event was also graced by Prof. Darwin J. Manubag as the Inducting Officer together with Mr. Mussolini Sinsuat Lidasan- the President of MSU-IIT Alumni Davao and Action Mindanao and Mr. Joseph Rodriguez – the President of MSU-IIT Alumni Cagayan De Oro Chapter. Prof. Manubag emphasized in his speech that the alumni of MSU-IIT owe a lot to the institution because of its cheap yet quality education that all alumni are very much proud of. He also presented to the alumni the many accomplishments of AIITAFI and its programs for this year. He also encouraged all IIT alumni to attend the 3rd MSU-IIT International Alumni Homecoming on July 11, 2009 at the MSU-IIT Campus. As a new chapter, the Alumni in Gensan can think of ways where they can help their fellow IITians and expand the network. They can also organized activities so that the Gensan community can also feel the presence of IItians in the area.


The MSU-IIT Alumni Gensan chapter is headed their Charter President Prof. Richard Pernia of MSU General Santos – an alumnus of the Political Science Department of MSU-IIT. Together with him are the following officers;  Jimmy T. Caharian, as the Vice President, , Aurefil M. Figueroa  as the Secretary General, Cristina Dadula as the Treasurer, Inocencio, Berfe M. as the Auditor. The Board of Directors are as follows; Carlo C. Amigable, Jojie C. Buensalida, Joy Racraquin Lozano, Diogenes D. Pascua, Rito Ray A. Salas and Julius Trinidad.

The members were very much excited to hear stories of their college days in IIT. One of those stories was when President Pernia was then a First Class ROTC Officer. One alumnus cannot forget Mr. Pernia because he was always bringing with him a razor to ensure an ROTC “Clean Cut”. Others would say “Alot Mahay”. They cannot also forget CASS Rotunda where they call the place as the “Lovers Lane” or “Himantayon Avenue”.  They always cherished the “turon” at the Back of CASS and the discipline or strictness that the former Registrar Mr. Gorgonio Laoble has instilled upon them during the enrolment. These are fun memories according one alumnus.  And of course, one cannot really forget the rigorous examinations and requirements in MSU-IIT. Having a passing grade of 3.0 during their time was already an achievement making them realize that their experience in IIT is one of kind, humbling and made them what they are today excelling in various fields of endeavor. An Alumnus teaching at MSU Gensan even said that he is happy with his profession as an ECE Professor because he wanted to return the favor of IIT by way of sharing his expertise to the students of MSU Gensan.

The alumni gathering in Gensan made them realize that they have not visited IIT after their graduation. A number of them are still proud to hear achievements of MSU-IIT like the recent Bar Topnotcher Atty. Mylene Almerol-Macumbal who comes from CBAA and the triumph of the MSU-IIT Debate Varsity in the recent Square-Off Debate Tournament in ANC Channel. To get connected with MSU-IIT Alumni Gensan, please keep in touch with their Chapter Secretary and a former AIITAFI scholar Ms. Aurefil M. Figeroa at 0906-6539-379.

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