by OPI

MSU-IIT Chancellor Dr. Sukarno D. Tanggol and the Vice Chancellor for Research & Extension Dr. Jinky B. Bornales led the turnover ceremony of the Premier Research Institute of Science and Mathematics (PRISM) and the Launching of its core program for 2017-2027, the Discovery, Development and Delivery of Natural Products (D3NP) at the Conference Hall, second floor of the PRISM building on March 29, 2017. The PRISM was established as a research center of the College of Science & Mathematics (CSM) on December 18, 2015 envisioned “to generate principles, protocol and products that provide dynamic and innovative solutions to society and the environment.” Part of its mandate as published in its brochure are to foster, facilitate, and strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations among researchers of various fields of Science, Mathematics and allied fields; initiate further linkages and partnerships with local, national, and international companies, generate patents of generated technologies for commercial purposes developed from its research programs; and, to provide support to the general community. In November this year, the PRISM Council was created and the building was inaugurated the following month. There are eight research groups to share the offices and facilities of PRISM. These are the Nanoscience Group; the Natural Product and Drug Development Program; the Complex Systems Group; the Renewable Energy Group; the Climate Change Research Group; the Biodiversity Group; the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Group; and the Theoretical Science Group.  Dr. Ferdinand P. Jamil, former CSM Dean is now the PRISM’s first Acting Director.

Photos by Jez Timonera Orbe, OPI  

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