by Sheena Gem A. Harun, OVCAA

Eight professors of Kastamonu University (KU), Turkey visited the Institute on March 8, 2017 for a lunch meeting at the Institute Boardroom. The gathering was attended by Dr. Omer Kucuk, Dr. Ali Rafet Ozkan, Dr. Saim Ates, Dr. Mirac Aydin, Dr. Adem Yaviz Sonmez, Dr. Soner Bilen, Dr. Ahmet Sivacioglu, and Dr. Mahmut Elp of KU; Atty. Renato S. Pacaldo as the representative of the MSU System; and the Institute’s Vice Chancellors, selected Directors of the semi-academic units and College Deans.

The lunch meeting marks another step for MSU-IIT in the realization of its vision of becoming a Research University as it entails potential research collaboration and academic exchange projects with the Kastamonu University. Although the fields of specialization of the visiting KU professors are on fisheries, forestry, theology and tourism, Erasmus Coordinator Sivacioglu, expressed KU’s interest for future collaborative projects and sandwich programs, and even a future signing of Memorandum of Understanding between MSU-IIT and KU.

KU has an existing memorandum of agreement with MSU signed on April 30, 2015. As a partner in the Erasmus program, the MSU System is given one slot for student mobility. The privileges include €1,100 transportation costs and €835/month individual support. At present, MSU-IIT has one applicant for the slot offered.

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