Undergraduate Transfer Students

Transferees from within the MSU System can be automatically admitted if his/her SASE rating is above 90 (taken not more than 3 years ago);  carried a minimum load of 18 units during the past semester; and no grade of INC or FAILURE.

Transferees from other schools who have earned at least 30 units are preferred provided that 75% of the units enrolled in the previous school are PASSED, with a GPA of at least 2.50 or better.


Requirements to be presented during enrolment:

  1. Report of Rating  (MSU SASE);
  2. Transfer Credential/ Honorable Dismissal;
  3. Duly accomplished Program Slot Availability Certificate (PSAC)*;
  4. Birth Certificate from NSO;
  5. Two (2) copies ID pictures 1”x 1”;
  6. One (1) copy ID picture 2”x2”;
  7. One (1) piece long brown envelope;
  8. One (1) piece long white folder; and
  9. HRMO-issued certification of dependency (if dependent), or Notice of Award issued by sponsoring agency (if scholar).

PSAC forms are issued by the Office of Admissions and Scholarship Administration (OASA).