Faculty members have done the MSU-IIT proud once again.

Dr. Mark Anthony J. Torres, Research Coordinator and Professor Juvanni A. Caballero, OIC of the MSU-IIT’s Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM), and faculty members of the College of Science & Mathematics (CSM) and the College of Arts & Social Sciences (CASS) respectively, won the Best Scientific Poster Award in the Social Science Division during the 35th Annual Scientific Meeting of the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) on July 10-11, 2013 at the Manila Hotel.

The NAST is an award-giving body that recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions in various categories in Science and Technology. About 172 papers from various academic institutions all over the country competed this year for awards in six divisions: Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemical, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences and Social Sciences.

Several faculty members and the MSU-IIT official journal, the Mindanao Forum (MF) have received various awards from the NAST since 1993. Among the faculty members who have received NAST awards are: Angelina M. Bacala, Jose M. Oclarit, Cesar G. Demayo, Sergio M. Canoy, Jr. , Roberto M. Malaluan and Ephrime B. Metillo as Outstanding Young Scientist Awardees; Joselito P. Uy and Arnulfo P. Supe as authors of Outstanding Scientific Papers ; Jamail A. Kamlian for Outstanding Published Scientific Paper; and, the MF as Outstanding Publication. (See partial list below)

The paper by Torres and Caballero entitled “Potential Roles of the Academe and Religious Institutions in Sustaining the Gains of the Peace Process in the Southern Philippines” discussed results that showed most respondents’ lack of knowledge, in general, of the peace process but they have their own beliefs, as non-Muslims on some critical issues affecting their rights and on territory within the proposed Bangsamoro.

Based on the researchers’ analysis, the respondents’ religion and educational attainment may have influenced their responses on the above critical issues that pose challenges to the academic and religious institutions in sustaining the gains of the peace process in the southern Philippines.

Torres’s and Cabellero’s prize-winning poster was the result of their joint research conducted as part of a baseline-study for IPDM entitled “The GPH-MILF Peace Process in the Philippines: The Need to Engage in the Youth in Track II and People-to-People Peace Building Measures” which took first prize in the recently-held 11th Annual In-House Review of Research & Development Projects on June 27-28, 2013 conducted by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Extension’s Department of Research (OVCRE-DR). The research has funding support from the Civil Peace Service (CPS) Program of the German development agency Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

(CGO/OC-OPI with report from Esther Scharf, GIZ)

Partial List of NAST AWARDEES from MSU-IIT*
Compiled by Bennet G. Gozo, OVCRE

  • 1993 – Angelina M. Bacala, Outstanding Young Scientist
  • 1996
    • The Mindanao Forum, vol. 9, no. 2 – Outstanding Publication
    • Ephrime B. Metillo, Special Citation, Philippine Talent Search for Young Scientists
    • Jose M. Oclarit, Outstanding Young Scientist
  • 1997 – Jamail A. Kamlian, Outstanding Published Scientific Paper Award for “The MNLF and the Emergence of the Bangsamoro Identity Among the Muslims in the Philippines: A Historical Perspective.” The Mindanao Forum 10 (1) (June 1995), 1-28.
  • 1999
    • Cesar G. Demayo and Sergio R. Canoy, Jr. as Outstanding Young Scientists
    • Arnulfo P. Supe for Best Scientific Paper Award
  • 2000
    • Joselito Uy for Outstanding Scientific Paper Award
    • Roberto M. Malaluan, Outstanding Young Scientist
  • 2001
    • Ferdinand Jamil (co-author) for Best Scientific Paper
    • Anceli Castillion (co-author) for Best Poster Paper
    • Sergio R. Canoy, Jr. – Best Scientific Paper Award for “Some Properties of a Bilinear Henstock-Stieltjes Integral
    • Angelina Bacala – Best Poster Paper
  • 2003 – Sergio R. Canoy, Jr.- Outstanding Scientific Paper Award
  • 2005 – Rosario Reserva & Angelina Bacala, Best Paper Award for “ Advanced modular system for lifetime measurement of cosmic ray muon.”
  • 2006 – Cesar G. Demayo, Mark Anthony J. Torres, et al. for Best Scientific Poster Award, First place (national)
  • 2007
    • Ephrime B. Metillo, Outstanding Young Scientist of the Philippines
    • Olga M. Nuñeza & Henry I. Rivero, Outstanding Scientific Paper Award, “Macro and microscopical analyses of the oocytes of Stegatesnigricans Laceped (Pomacentridae: Labroidei)”
  • 2008 – Roberto M. Malaluan, Outstanding Scientific Paper Award
  • 2013 – Mark Anthony J. Torres & Juvanni A. Caballero – Best Scientific Poster Award, “Potential Roles of the Academe and Religious Institutions in Sustaining the Gains of the Peace Process in the Southern Philippines”

*Readers are welcome to provide additional information in updating or completing the above list.

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