The first edition of an invaluable resource for theatre apprentices, Making Theatre: The Craft of the Stage, is now off the press.

Written by IPAG Director Steven Patrick C. Fernandez, the book is unique because it teaches theatre making in the Philippine setting where conditions are deficient and technologies are crude.

Shared to the apprentice in this book are over three decades of theatre practice. Western and Asian theories and principles that augment theatre production are all condensed in this resource. Making Theatre is perhaps the only textbook that summarizes Philippine theatre practice as applied to conditions in our communities and schools.

In the book, theatre taught as practice and theory cuts through the areas of art, business, and science. As a bonus, a portion on correctly transcreating indigenous expressions — a creative procedure where local expressions are appropriated for performance — is included.

The book also contains chapters on technical theatre which subject has been updated to include such “new” technologies as digitally-produced visuals, audio, and film.

Making Theatre, already used as textbook by the theatre classes of two major state universities in Mindanao, is published and distributed by the IPAG Artists Resource Management. (For inquiries, call tel no. +63-4922354, mobile: 09167006209, or email:

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