by Amado C. Guinto Jr.

>Dr. Yang Chyi Wen, Chairperson of the Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA)

Dr. Yang Chyi Wen, Chairperson of the Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA) and President of Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) will visit the Institute together with a delegation from TNUA on Thursday, March 19.

Being the culture and arts hub of Southern Philippines, the Institute is no stranger to hosting luminaries in the field. Just last December, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Sub-committees for the Arts (NCCA-SCA) visited the Institute to exchange ideas about strengthening the Arts with budding artists and resident culture and arts groups, then witnessed a harvest of talents in a show dubbed as IIT Performs.

The MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology has been selected among Philippine and Asian institutions in the delegation’s tour of Southeast Asian universities through the impressive showcases the Institute’s homegrown artists have displayed around the world.

Prof. Steven Patrick C. Fernandez, Coordinator of the Institute’s Culture and Arts Studies Program and Director of the Integrated Performing Arts Guild, said, “Dr. Yang’s visit proves auspicious for us wanting to promote to the world our incipient arts and culture programs. This brings opportunities for collaborations and our connectedness to the world that will ensure a productive program.””

Yang is accompanied by TNUA’s Chief Director of International Exchange Center Lu Hung Hui, Dean of School of Music Wu Rung Shun, Dean of School of Drama Chien Lee Zen, and University President’s Secretary Chien Yu Shan. They are here to learn about the Institute’s culture and art resources including creative productions and the formal courses on the arts the Institute conducts and will soon offer.

Yang’s visit presents an opportunity for all Arts practitioners and enthusiasts in the Institute. Director Zayda O. Macarambon of the Culture and Arts Office is presently heading the preparations for a dialogue with Yang and his team that is hoped to spur linkage opportunities and future collaborations. The dialogue will take place in the Institute’s Boardroom where Fernandez will deliver a presentation entitled “Positioning the MSU-IIT as the Hub of Culture and Arts Education in the Region.””

Following the dialogue will be a showcase of performance from the Institute’s resident performing groups at the College of Arts and Social Sciences’ CASSalida Theater at 6:00 in the evening.

Topics : arts and culture