Writeshop set for crafting of strategic i18n plan of IIT

Writeshop set for crafting of strategic i18n plan of IIT

by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC

THE OFFICE of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development (OVCPD) through its Office for International Affairs (OIA) is making arrangements for the holding of a writeshop that will take the Institute closer to its goal of having a strategic plan for internationalization.

The writeshop that is scheduled for September 24-26 will actually be the second installment of the activity that was first held in Bukidnon last March.

The Strategic Internationalization Plan (SIP) Writeshop gathers again at a venue still to be announced Institute officials, the designated international affairs coordinators, personnel from the Center for Information and Communication and the Center for MSU-IIT e-Learning, and selected faculty members serving as technical writers.

Acting Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development, Prof. Gaudencio C. Petalcorin, says that the SIP Writeshop “supplements our output from the previous session.”

“As we have already accomplished our target goals in gathering input from our constituents regarding the SIP, now would be an opportune time to have the second part of this activity,” explains Petalcorin who continues to serve as the OIA Director despite being designated last week as the new Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development.   

The crafting of the SIP is mandated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through its Memorandum Order No. 55, Series of 2016, having the following as subject  – Policy Framework and Strategies on the Internationalization of Philippine Higher Education.   

The need to adopt an internationalization strategy, explains CMO 55, S. 2016, is warranted by the demands of integration and globalization which the national higher education system alone cannot adequately meet.

The said CMO states that having the SIP will also pave the way for the enjoyment of the intrinsic benefits of internationalization.

The CHED, according to the CMO, will then take measures to ensure the effective implementation of the crafted SIP by providing advisory and technical assistance, as well as incentives.

Petalcorin confirms this, and says that “some support can be given by the Commission in its (SIP’s) implementation.”

According to the writeshop design, participants to the September 24-26 activity will be shown a sample internationalization plan and made to identify its parts. They will also identify the anchors and priorities based on these.

After setting the time frame for the full implementation of the SIP of MSU-IIT, the participants will identify the scheme to be used in monitoring and evaluating the plan, as well as identifying how to assess its impact.   

The SIP Writeshop will also have two accompanying and related activities. These activities are – Creation of the Internationalization Web Page of MSU-IIT and Revisiting the Philippine Higher Education Internationalization Framework.

Petalcorin explains that the Internationalization Web Page needs to be created soon as this is where the Institute will post the data required in an assessment to be made using QS Stars, an evaluation system that assesses universities worldwide.   

The assessment, in turn, is required by the CHED as a requisite for the giving of funding support to selected universities included in its Fostering World Class Universities Project of which MSU-IIT is one of the 15 SUCs chosen.

Reviewing and discussing the Philippine Higher Education Internationalization Framework, according to Petalcorin, is essential for the Institute officials as they would then be made to critique the drafted SIP and the Internationalization Web Page made.

(Photos are taken from the first activity – Internationalization Framework WorkshopPhoto credits to Bulkhia Panalondong.)

CED spearheads 3-day intensive writeshop with Dr. Ronnel King, an internationally acclaimed expert in educational psychology

CED spearheads 3-day intensive writeshop with Dr. Ronnel King, an internationally acclaimed expert in educational psychology

by Odessa May Escalona

While majority of Iligan City schools are in full swing with classes in various levels, MSUIIT takes its summer break with seminars and workshops, one of which is a three-day intensive writeshop on Current Trends and Issues in Education and Learning.

With the main objective of training and harnessing MSUIIT academic community’s research for journal publication, IIT’ s College of Education, a CHED-recognized Center of Excellence, holds the seminar-workshop starting June 19 to June 21, 2018 at its amphitheater, with Dr. Ronel B. King as its resource speaker.  

Dr. King, one of Asia’s top-most educational psychology expert, is a well-published scholar whose affiliation is no less than with The Educational University of Hongkong, #9 World Ranking University in Quality Standards (QS) in Education. Dr. King has been a part of the editorial board of several Scopus/ISI-Indexed Publications.

Day-1 opened with welcoming remarks from Prof. Darwin J. Manubag, Director of the Extension program of the OVCRE. Manubag led the applause on the pioneering efforts of CED under the leadership of Dr. Josefina M. Tabudlong to have made the program possible.

CED College Research Coordinator Dr. Imelu G. Mordeno, instrumental in bringing Dr. King to Iligan City, gave the introduction of Dr. King, his accomplishments as well as the works he had published so far.

The 3-day writeshop tackles the seemingly elusive publication challenge of the academe and the dynamics and importance of publishing research in education and psychology. There will also be lectures and step-by step demonstrations on writing the different parts of a research study, e.g., the introduction section which will only be written in one paragraph, the methods section and discussion and conclusions sections. These will be interspersed with clinic-ing during the workshop sections.

As Dr. Joy M. Tabudlong explained the rationale for the training: “In this seminar-workshop, we intended to publish in international journals… and this is a commitment to ourselves, we will publish, we want to contribute to the quest of new knowledge.”

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CASS to host Writeshop on Responsible Journalism

CASS to host Writeshop on Responsible Journalism

by Sarah Elizabeth Allen

In line with the Institute’s campaign for active news and web presence, the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) will be hosting a whole day training on Responsible Journalism Workshop this October 13, 2017, Friday at the CASSalida Theater.  The event will cover trainings on News, Feature, Editorial Writing and Photo Journalism which will be conducted by highly qualified resource speakers/trainers. The training is free of charge to CASS participants.  The CASS has been hosting several In-Service Trainings with the purpose of boosting its constituents’ skills, among which this Journalism Workshop belongs to.