MICeL promotes active web presence through writeshop

MICeL promotes active web presence through writeshop

by Sarah Elizabeth N. Allen, OPI

Driven by the desire to become a world-class university that is rich and highly accomplished in terms of research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and publications, a collaborative Web Portal Updating Writeshop was given to Institute personnel in the hopes of getting them to actively participate in improving the Institute’s web presence.

The two-day Writeshop was given on September 4-5, 2017 at the MSU-IIT Center for e-Learning (MICeL).

It was conducted by the MICeL in collaboration with the Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) and the Office of Publication and Information (OPI).

MICeL Director Dr. Cenie Malabanan said that the “Technical Writeshop” was aimed at promoting the Institute’s Web portal facilities and encouraging each office and department of MSU-IIT to make use of them.  

The Writeshop targeted faculty participants, representing their respective departments, on the first day, and staff members coming from the Institute’s different cost centers on the second day.  

The Writeshop taught participants – through hands-on experience – how to update the Institute’s web pages by using specific web platforms found in their My.IIT accounts.

Resource persons from the MICeL and ICTC took turns discussing strategies on how to increase web presence and providing background information regarding the operation, maintenance, and updating of the Institute website.

Prof. Dante D. Dinawanao, Acting Director of ICTC, talked about the different web platforms being employed by the MSU-IIT Website. He also discussed the basic workflow for website updating.

MICeL’s Nenen Borinaga elaborated on the two types of website content  – static and dynamic, and underlined their difference.

Dr. Malabanan talked about what embedding multimedia elements, such as promotional videos and slogans within websites, could do for an organization’s web presence.

ICTC web developer Mr. Rex S. Sacayan talked about how to attract more web traffic through the creation of good quality web news articles. He explained to the participants the various technical variables which must be considered when making and posting news and announcements on the website.

Mr. Sacayan and Ms. Borinaga also facilitated the hands-on practicum sessions that followed in the afternoon.

With the holding of the technical writeshop, MICeL, along with ICTC and the OPI, hopes to witness a growth of involvement from the offices that could result in a dynamic web presence for the Institute.

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