The 1st Exchange Professor of CED teaches in Thailand

The 1st Exchange Professor of CED teaches in Thailand

by J-Roel Semilla

       Dr. Cesar T. Miguel, the first exchange professor of MSU-IIT College of Education arrives at Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) Ongkharak Campus in Ongkharak, Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand on January 14, 2018.  As an Exchange Professor, he stays and teaches at the Faculty of Physical Education in SWU for more than three weeks covering the period January 15 to February 9, 2018.

       With the able facilitation of Dr. Panita Khampoosa, Assistant Dean for International Affairs, Dr. Miguel accomplishes the purposes and objectives of the technical side of the Exchange Program.  Moreover, he blends well with well-known SWU physical education professors such as Dr. Supranee Kwanboonchan and Dr. Usakorn Punvanich, and some national sports personalities specifically the Director General of  the Thai Department of Physical Education (equivalent to a Cabinet Secretary), Dr. Panya Hanlumyuan.

       He is also introduced to the Thai academic sports programs, national sports competition, Thai culture including those hot and spicy food, impressive motor ways, the temples or wat, and to the beautiful places around Bangkok, Nakhon Nayok, and Pattaya.

       Dr. Miguel delivers a lecture on Philippine Sports to the class of Dr. Supranee Kwanboonchan where students respond attentively as they inquir about sports leagues in the Philippines. However, based on an initial evaluative consultation with Dr. Khampoosa on the strengths and weaknesses of the exchange partners, it is decided that his main concern is the teaching and demonstration of water safety techniques and skills on water survival and rescues considering that SWU has been strong in sports management, sports science and physical fitness but quite weak in water safety and rescue.

       Thus, despite the language barrier, Dr. Miguel takes the lead in lecturing and demonstrating techniques in water survival and rescue to the Thai students in the classes of Prof. Lect. Chakrapong Thampongboworn and Dr. Usakorn Punvanich. Amidst their apprehension in dealing with an English –speaking Filipino exchange professor, the teachers and students in those classes are grateful of the opportunity they have in learning the water survival and rescue techniques since drowning incidents have recently risen in Bangkok and central Thailand.

       Finally, Dr. Miguel presents an abridged version of the Module on Teaching Water Safety to Dr. Usakorn Punvanich and Prof Lect Chakrapong Thampongboworn for use in the Water Safety Course, and for possible collaborative comparative studies on water safety teaching practices and techniques of Thailand and the Philippines.

       The exchange professor makes full use of his time at SWU.  Upon the invitation of Dr. Kwanboonchan and the encouragement of the International Korfball Federation Asia President, Dr. Inglish Huang, he completes the Referee Level 1 Accreditation Training on Korfball which is conducted by the Taiwanese officials of International Korfball Federation Asia.  

       Intending to learn more about physical education in Thailand, Dr. Miguel does observations on the methods and teaching techniques in the Physical Fitness classes of Dr. Prasit Peepathum, Gymnastics classes of Dr. Usakorn Punvanich, and, in the Basic Golf Tutorial class of Dr. Satitrak Nasane in SWU. The aforementioned professors are noted for their expertise in their respective fields and in stimulating and guiding students’ skills learning as well. He also goes out of SWU to observe state-of-the-art fitness centers in Rangsit near Bangkok and is impressed with the sports and fitness facilities in and out of SWU.

       On the technical side of the Exchange, Dr, Miguel now fully comprehends the importance of keeping pace with the academic development among member countries in the ASEAN.  And on the social and cultural side of the Program, he emphasizes on its significance in promoting and facilitating mutual recognition of commonalities across cultures in the region.

       Dr. Miguel says that it has been rewarding to discover that Thais are as friendly and hospitable as we Filipinos are, that they like us,  are family-oriented, respectful of elders and authorities, and are united as a nation.

        Prof. Miguel has been serving as a PE professor since 1987 in the Department of Physical Education specializing in sports management, volleyball, swimming, and water safety.  He serves in various designations in the Institute over the years – as Department Chairperson, Acting Chief Security Officer, and as Acting Sports Director.

       This endeavor is a product of the Academic Cooperative Agreement between Srinakharinwirot University and Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology which aims to bring goodwill and mutual benefit to both universities.  Hopefully, more CED professors will follow the footsteps of Dr. Miguel and will take an active part in the Exchange Program.

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CED, co-organizes International Conference in Thailand

CED, co-organizes International Conference in Thailand

by Ruben L. Abucayon

The College of Education (CEd) co-organized the 7th International Conference on Educational Research on September 13-14, 2014 with the theme: Challenging Education for Future Change. The Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University, Thailand hosted the conference.

The other co-organizing institutions were the Hong Kong Institute of Education of China, Thailand Education Deans Council, State University of Surabaya of Indonesia, and the Consortium of Sixteen Education Deans of Thailand (Group 16).

The conference gathered almost a thousand of delegates including APEC Specialists from Italy, Japan, USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, and Philippines. Chancellor Sukarno Tanggol led MSU-IIT delegation which included eight faculty members, two students, and one staff from the Human Resource Management Division.

Dr. Sukarno D. Tanggol delivered the keynote address

Dr. Sukarno D. Tanggol delivered the keynote address during the conference while the rest of the team presented their collaborative research outputs.

After the conference, the Faculty of Education of Khon Kaen University and MSU-IIT delegates had a collaborative meeting to further strengthen their partnership in the promotion of a research culture between the two universities as part of both their internationalization programs.

College of Education (CEd) co-organized the 7th International Conference on Educational Research

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Chancellor Tanggol keynotes Malaysian and Thai conferences

Chancellor Tanggol keynotes Malaysian and Thai conferences

by Christine Godinez Ortega

MSU-IIT Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol will deliver two keynote lectures at the Borneo International Islamic Conference VII (KAIB VII) in Sabah, Malaysia on September 10, 2014 and during the ICER 2014 conference in Khon Kaen University in Thailand on September 13-14, 2014.

In the invitation to the Chancellor from Datuk Dr. Haji Abdul Kadir Bin Haji Rosline, Rector of the Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sabah, the KAIB VII is an annual program for the discussion of ideas and issues about Islam. It aims to provide “a meaningful coverage on current trends in the dynamic Islamic teaching in Borneo” and within the region. The theme of the conference is “The Islamic Sustainability in Borneo” which seeks to highlight Borneo’s potential for growth in the development of Islam and in future challenges.

The invitation was extended to the Chancellor for his “invaluable experience and insights” as a former Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, as a prominent Muslim scholar in the region and as Chancellor of the MSU-IIT. His insights, according to the Rector could help enlighten and strengthen relationships between the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

Chancellor Tanggol proceeds to Thailand to deliver the keynote address for the ICER 2014 Conference to be held at the Khon Kaen University with the theme “Challenging Education for Future Change”.

The two keynote addresses by the Chancellor focus on the challenges confronting the Ummah today such as poverty, disease, homelessness, political disunities and extremism as well as in education, and how Malaysia and Thailand are able to cooperate with each other in order to strengthen the BIMP-EAGA network and the ASEAN region through respect and tolerance.

In his keynote address for Malaysia entitled “Borneo, EAGA, and the Crisis in the Muslim World: Challenge to Islamic Education” Tanggol says in part “the multiculturalism of Malaysia is part of the country’s success and Borneo can be a good example of cultural tolerance, respect and collaboration. This can be a challenge to the Muslim majority, especially to those Muslims who have more conservative views or those with narrow or compartmentalized interpretations of Islam. …There is no compulsion in religion, we are told. And the best Dawah is for Muslims to live as Muslims.” …

“The development of Borneo depends on bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation among Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. National, state, and provincial plans and policies call for synchronization on all levels of governance. While allowing each state or province to grow autonomously or independently, each component must be cognizant of its role and contribution to the overall development of the island.”

For his ICER 2014 address in Thailand which has for its theme, “Challenging Education for Future Change”, Tanggol echoes his sentiments on respect and tolerance but shifts the geographic range from the BIMP-EAGA to the ASEAN in that “the center of the ASEAN 2015’s goals is, and should be the improvement of the quality of life of its citizens of each member nation upon the theory that education is the true key to economic growth and stability”.

“Amid such atmosphere for the educated masses the free flow of ideas and the willingness to work together will result in lasting respect and peaceful co-existence within the region”. –for OC-OPI

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