Student biologists win awards in National Biodiversity Symposium

Student biologists win awards in National Biodiversity Symposium

by Christine Cherry E. Solon, CSM

(L-R: PBCFI  Head on In Situ Conservation Programme Godfrey Philip C. Jakosalem, BCSP Board Emeritus Blas R. Tabaranza, Jr., Karyl Marie F. Dagoc, Cecilio D. Docoy, Jr., Lara Fe G. Seguia, Shaira Grace B. Pios, Rafael Ryno I. Sanchez, Dennis A. Warguez, PBCFI  Executive Director Lisa Marie J. Panguntalan, and Chairman of the Board of Judges Merlijn van Weerd of Mabuwaya Foundation)  

Biology students did the Institute proud once more when they received the most number of awards during the 25th Philippine Biodiversity Symposium of the Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines (formerly known as Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines) held on April 5-9, 2016 at the Filipiniana Hotel in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro.

For four straight years, the MSU–IIT and Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PBCFI) have dominated this competition, and all the winning papers this year were products of the collaborative partnership between MSU-IIT and the PBCFI.

This year’s symposium highlighted 25 years of Collaborative Biodiversity Conservation in the Philippines: Global Relevance, Local Realities.

A total of ten undergraduate researches were selected as finalists for the Best Undergraduate Paper Presentation Award (Oral category) while 31 undergraduate studies competed for the Best Undergraduate Paper Presentation Award (Poster category).

Rafael Ryno I. Sanchez won first place for Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation for the paper entitled “Altitudinal distribution and habitat requirements of stream frogs in Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park (MKNP), Negros Island.” His thesis advisers are Prof. Karyl Marie F. Dagoc and Prof. Dennis A. Warguez.

Shaira Grace B. Pios won Third Place for Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation for the paper entitled “Distribution, abundance and habitat requirements of endangered babblers in Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park (MKNP), Negros Island, Philippines”. Pios is one of the thesis advisees of Warguez.

Lara Fe G. Seguia, another advisee of Warguez won third place for Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation for the paper entitled “Distribution, abundance and habitat preference of doves and pigeons in Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park, Negros Island.”

For the first time in the history of BCSP/WCSP symposium, a Special Award was given to Cecilio D. Docoy, Jr. for a Most Entertaining Poster Presentation for the paper entitled “Diversity and abundance of canopy birds along a habitat gradient in Mount Kanlaon Natural Park (MKNP), Negros Island”. Docoy’s thesis advisers are Prof. Beverly M. Cagod and Prof. Warguez.

Sanchez, Pios, Seguia and Docoy are senior BS Biology students majoring in Zoology from the Department of Biological Sciences of the College of Science and Mathematics.

Lisa Marie J. Paguntalan and Godfrey Philip C. Jakosalem of PBCFI, on the other hand, served as the external advisers.

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MSU-IIT wins Best Academe Paper at the 2015 Analog Devices Technical Symposium

MSU-IIT wins Best Academe Paper at the 2015 Analog Devices Technical Symposium

by Allen de la Cerna Lowaton

MSU-IIT wins Best Academe Paper at the 2015 Analog Devices Technical Symposium

The MSU-IIT participants dominated the stage in the 10th Analog Devices Technical Symposium held at Conference Hall of the Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay City on May 19-20, 2015.

The top 10 papers from various fields in Microelectronics were selected out of the hundred papers submitted. Seven (7) were from Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, one (1) from UP-Diliman, one (1) from Batangas State University and one (1) from the University of San Carlos.

Of the seven (7) MSU-IIT entries, five (5) came from the Microelectronics Lab of Electronics Engineering and two (2) were from the Electronics Engineering Technology Department.

The papers that were presented were: “Variable Frequency, Variable Amplitude, Low-EMI SPWM Generation Method for Inverter Applications” by Hareez M. Villaruz and Wan-Rone Liou; 2.) On-Chip Indoor Light Energy Harvester for Ultra-Low-Power Applications Implemented in 90 nm CMOS Process Technology by Meriyssa A. Mayormita, John Raul Rebollos and Jefferson A. Hora; 3.) “Multi-Channel Constant Current LED Driver with PWM Boost Converter” by Nieva Mapula 4.) “Asynchronous Dual-Mode Buck Converter Design with Protection Circuits in 0.13um CMOS Process for Battery Applications” by Jhon Ray M. Esic, Wan-RoneLiou and Jefferson A. Hora; 5.) “Overstress-Free Charge Pump White LED Driver” by Allenn Dela Cerna Lowaton, Hong-Yi Huang and Darryl Dave G. Ditucalan; 6.) “A Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Interface Circuit Using Negative Voltage Converter with Active Diode and DC-DC Buck Converter” by Qadier Idris Jilluh and Allenn Dela Cerna Lowaton; 7.) “On the Fly Computation Method in FPGA Hardware for ADC Linearity Test” by Darwin C. Mangca, Anne Loraine Luna and Jefferson A. Hora. Each of the finalists received 5,000 pesos cash and the best paper received a 30,000 pesos cash prize.

The paper entitled “Overstress-Free Charge Pump White LED Driver” by Prof. Allenn dela Cerna Lowaton, Hong-Yi Huang and Darryl Dave G. Ditucalan was awarded the best paper in the symposium. This paper was written by Prof. Lowaton and was presented by Darryl Dave G. Ditucalan, a senior ECE student.

LED driver is one of the product lines of Analog Devices in which issues regarding reliability are a main concern. The paper aims to increase the consistency and reliability of the device during operation and such one reliability problem discovered in the circuit is that of gate-oxide overstress. The judges and audience were amazed by this update regarding gate-oxide overstress and the innovation presented by the solution offered by the design and paper.

Aside from the technical symposium, MSU – IIT participated in the Analog Devices Demo Booth on May 20, 2015 at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City in which participants from other top universities were also invited to share their researches and inventions through demos and personal conversations with the experts and Analog Devices’ top management. The delegates from MSU– IIT has proven its dominance in the field of microelectronics by being the largest delegation and for winning the ADTS Best Paper for the Academic Category.

Analog Devices Technical Symposium (ADTS) is a yearly event organized by the Analog Devices Philippines where local and foreign engineers from the different groups of the company come together to celebrate the company’s achievements for the year.

Analog Devices (ADGT), a world leader in analog, mixed signal and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits solution provider is located at General Trias, Cavite.

MSU-IIT wins Best Academe Paper at the 2015 Analog Devices Technical Symposium

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Biology Students Bag Top Awards Again in National Biodiversity Symposium

Biology Students Bag Top Awards Again in National Biodiversity Symposium

by Nathaniel C. Patdu

Biology Students Bag Top Awards Again in National Biodiversity Symposium

Undergraduate biology students of the Department of Biological Sciences won the top awards again in the 24th Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium of the Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines (BCSP) held at the University of Eastern Philippines in Catarman, Samar last April 14-17, 2015.

Marco Luis E. Lumontod won the Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation Award for his thesis entitled “Distribution and Habitat Preferences of Restricted- Range Bird Species in Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP), Negros Occidental, Philippines” while Nathaniel C. Patdu won third place for his study entitled “Abundance and Habitat Requirements of Philippine Tube-nosed Fruit Bat Nyctimene rabori (Heaney and Peterson, 1984) in Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP), Negros Occidental.”

For the poster category, Salih Mahathir A. Amer won the Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award for his thesis entitled “Diversity and Abundance of Canopy Birds in Northern Negros Natural Park, Negros Occidental” while Dearly Mae Maricar M. Barrot won second place for her study entitled “Distribution, Diversity and Abundance of Amphibians in Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP), Negros Occidental.”

All winning papers were product of the collaborative partnership between MSU-IIT and the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PBCFI). Prof. Dennis A. Warguez is the adviser of these researches while Godfrey Philip C. Jakosalem and Lisa Marie J. Paguntalan of PBCFI are the external advisers.

MSU-IIT garnered the most awards in the said contest which was participated in by a total of ten schools including the University of the Philippines – Diliman and the University of Santo Tomas. With this victory, MSU – IIT has dominated the competition for 3 consecutive years and has set higher standards for future aspiring contenders.

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CEd co-organizes 2013 NextGen Symposium

CEd co-organizes 2013 NextGen Symposium

The MSU-IIT College of Education (CEd) together with Knowledge Community, Inc. (KCI) and the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod organized the Next Generation of Teachers (NextGen) Symposium 2013 on October 23-25, 2013.

The CED ICT Team that co-organized the event performed various tasks during the said event: Ms. Avril Joy R. Ramayan, Ms. Vita S. Caparoso, Ms. Roxan A. Consolacion and Mr. Jun Karren V. Caparoso served as moderators/facilitators of the poster and paper presentations; Prof. Amelia T. Buan served as trainer in one of the ICT trainings; Prof. Joy R. Magsayo joined the ICT Training sessions; Prof. Charity Mulig-Cruz shared how she used technology in a high school Earth Science class. She was selected as the best demonstrator; and, Prof. Rhea D. Febro delivered the conference synthesis during the closing program.

This year’s conference with the theme “Trends, Tools and Training on ICT for Education” is supported by UNESCO Bangkok, Intel Philippines, AUSAID and the Association of Colleges and Universities of Negros Occidental. There were 2 keynote and 7 plenary presentations, 3 technology demonstrations, 5 ICT training sessions, 9 research paper presentations, 7 teaching demonstrations, 4 poster presentations and a human resource management workshop.

The opening program, keynote and plenary presentations, technology demonstrations and ICT Trainings were held at the University of St. La Salle while the paper and poster presentations and teaching demonstrations were housed at L’Fisher Hotel.

The three-day event participated by more than a hundred administrators from both DepEd and Teacher Education Institutions, in-service teachers, ICT program managers and e-learning specialists and researchers, featured both local and international experts who presented the trends and innovations in ICT for Education.

Best paper presenters, best demonstrators and best poster presenters received cash prizes during the event and plaques of appreciation were given to the organizers. Contributed news for OC-OPI

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