Celebrating the Arts: Empowering, Asserting, Reclaiming

Celebrating the Arts: Empowering, Asserting, Reclaiming

by Steven Patrick Fernandez

The MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology celebrated National Arts Month giving attention to the Arts as our vehicles for empowerment.

Dubbed Alampat, the Cebuano term for ‘arts’ and the ‘intelligence or brilliance of the mind’, with the theme “Panulong: Asserting Identities, Reclaiming Space”, the events realized partly the Master Plan of the Culture and Arts Studies Center coordinating with the Cultural Development Office and the Institute’s cultural groups and its constituents.

Alampat was another opportunity that paralleled the Institute’s thrusts of giving the Arts its mandate in a university. The various activities aimed at empowering local communities, revealing and strengthening cultural identity and cultivating local artistic expressions.

The celebrations opened February 4 with Pasi-una, an impressive collaborative performance by the resident cultural groups at the Institute lawn.

Art Talks provided the avenue to discourse on art production. It featured two of the country’s eminent scholars: UP Prof. Emeritus Basilio Esteban “Steve” Villaruz and Mr. mêLe Yamomo. Prof. Villaruz, also Artistic Director Emeritus of the 25-year-old UP Dance Company, spoke on “Shaping Moves and Sculpting Minds: Ethnicity in Choreography”. Mr. Yamomo, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Performance, and Sound Studies at the University of Amsterdam presented his work on “Sonic Entanglements, Auditory Migrations: Listening to the Colonial Archives through Translocal Ears”.

Tatlong Araw ng Tugtugan, a regular in past years’ arts celebrations and organized by the Echoes Band, provided the venue for local bands to perform.

Film enthusiasts were treated to Film Screening and Forum organized by the Kalilas Film Guild which screened award-winning short films composed by students. The event also showcased the works of three home-grown directors: Mr. Bagane Fiola, Ms. Kiri Dalena, and Mr. Gutierrez “Teng” Mangansakan II who also shared their creative process after the screening of their obras.

Highlight of the 2019 Alampat was the collaborative finale Pagpadayon featuring individual talents and the resident and performing groups Octava Choral Society, Kalimulan Cultural Dance Troupe, Echoes, Kalilang Cultural Ensemble, Ringkaran, Dance Society, and the Integrated Performing Arts Guild. Engaging the Iligan community in its art advocacy, MSU-IIT took to performing out of its base at the Robinsons Place Iligan, an auspicious occasion to wrap up the arts month events last February 24.

Keynoting Pagpadayon was Mr. Christian G. Aguado, Iligan City Cultural Director who offered to open venues for support from local government.

Directing the productions was John Michael Lagura, Alampat Festival Director and Former Associate Artistic Director of the IPAG.

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