Newly re-appointed Chancellor given surprise party upon return to campus

Newly re-appointed Chancellor given surprise party upon return to campus

by Rex Godinez Ortega

Perhaps making up for not being able to organize a ceremonial investiture when Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol became the head of MSU-IIT in 2011, the Office of the Chancellor threw a surprise party for the “second termer” when he returned to the Institute on Wednesday (October 12) from the Board of Regents meeting and other engagements in Manila.

Wearing a pink polo shirt, and looking tired from the journey, the Chancellor’s mood lightened when he was brought to the boardroom next to his office where employees and Institute cost center heads had gathered to welcome him home and congratulate him for being re-appointed Chancellor until September 2021.

“Although, I am not a fan of pageantry, I am grateful that I have a chance to express my gratitude for the support that has been extended to me and the administration,” Tanggol told everyone at the surprise party.

Three of IIT’s Vice Chancellors who were present took turns at the podium giving short speeches for the Chancellor, and expressing their thoughts about his re-appointment.

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance David Almarez likened Tanggol’s first term to that of a lawmaker in Congress, as it was a “learning experience”.

“However, on his second term, we will really get things done,” Almarez said referring to Tanggol’s perceived resolution to finally address a few old complaints in the campus that were deep-seated, and which could not be given adequate attention before due to other more immediate and pressing concerns.

For his part, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development Feliciano B. Alagao offered words of advice to the Chancellor concerning stress on the job.

“You must take more vacation trips with the wife on weekends” Alagao said alluding to the Chancellor’s habit of working on Saturdays and Sundays, and even on holidays.

Ms Beverly Faith Talpis-Tanggol, the elegant better half of the Chancellor, was also at the Boardroom to celebrate her husband’s re-appointment and to thank those who supported him.

Tanggol was renewed as Chancellor by the MSU Board of Regents (BOR) on September 30 in a unanimous decision.

The BOR followed the unanimous recommendation of the seven-member evaluation committee formed in July that assessed Tanggol’s performance as Chancellor and determined his fitness to be given a second term.

The evaluation committee was chaired by Dr. Emerlinda R. Roman, the first woman President of the University of the Philippines (2005-2011).

The surprise party had simple but delicious food, including tilapia brought in from the Hinaplanon property that was cooked in coconut milk or fried and marinated in vinegar and spices.

Mr. Eugene Leonides Legaspi of the Office of the Chancellor organized the party while Ms Sheena Gem Harun of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs livened things up as emcee.

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