FAB LAB Mindanao extends services through 3D Printing Roadshow for Senior High Schools

FAB LAB Mindanao extends services through 3D Printing Roadshow for Senior High Schools

by John Carl Marlo Andrade

Greater things are accomplished together. The latest 3D Printing Roadshow of FAB LAB Mindanao in several senior high school campuses of Iligan City can attest to the strength that collaborative partnership can bring. FAB LAB Mindanao conducted an educational 3D Printing Roadshow among Senior High Schools of Iligan City namely La Salle Academy and Iligan City National High School last January 14- 25, 2019,. The goal of the Roadshow was to provide an avenue for students to be exposed to the innovative 3D printing tools and promote design thinking habits to ignite their creative minds to innovate. By the end of the Roadshow, a total of 367 students produced simple 3D models and confidently used 3D printer machines.  As preparation for the 3D Printing Roadshow, Grade 12 STEM immersionists from the said Senior High Schools were trained as trainers on the basics of 3D modeling, 3D slicing, and 3D printing machine operations. During the course of the 10-day 3D Printing Roadshow, the trainers from the Senior High Schools taught their lower grade STEM students how to design a 3D model with the use of the Trimble Sketchup software. A highlight activity that the trainees enjoyed from the Roadshow was being taught how to create a 3D designs out of 2D shapes. The trainers also enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experience in creating 3D models and in assisting hands-on learning activities on 3D printer machine operations. Eileen J. Villaruz, the Internship Coordinator from the Iligan City National High School expressed her excitement on the next round of digital fabrication Roadshow as events like these spark the creativity of the next generation to #makeAlmostAnything.

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Marketing Department and Philippine Marketing Association host the “Mindanao Roadshow 2015”

Marketing Department and Philippine Marketing Association host the “Mindanao Roadshow 2015”

by Safa D. Manala-o, CBAA

Marketing Department and Philippine Marketing Association host the 'Mindanao Roadshow 2015'

The Department of Marketing, in coordination with the Philippine Marketing Association, held the “Mindanao Roadshow 2015” on Nov. 6 at the MSU-IIT Gym. The event was organized by the Junior Entrepreneurial Marketing Students (JEMS) society and attended by more than 500 students from MSU-IIT, MSU Marawi, MSU Naawan, St. Michael’s College, and Iligan Medical Center College.

The activity kicked off with an invitation from Ms. Ann Cristine Palisoc, the Agora Youth Awards Chair and President of Phil Wacoal Corp., for the students to join the annual prestigious Agora Youth Awards. This longstanding national competition is organized by the Philippine Marketing Association in search for the best marketing plans produced by students for household brands such as Sun Cellular and Mang Inasal. This year, the winning entry came from the Institute’s Department of Marketing, which was awarded as the “Marketing School of the Year” after besting 9 other universities.

The event’s highlight, however, was the talk on “Creating a Marketing Plan in the Digital Age” by Mr. Albet Buddahim, Managing Director of IPG Mediabrands and former Agora Youth Awardee. He spoke extensively on the history and development of Marketing, role of digital marketing in communications, business trends for 2015 and parts of the marketing plan. He also discussed a variety of company cases that capitalize on digital media and social networking to gain a competitive edge in the market. Accordingly, the most popular brands nowadays utilize digital media to reach out and interact with their customers, making their brands meaningful to the market.

The seminar concluded with closing remarks from Prof. Stephen C. Fajardo, a faculty of the Department of Marketing, who invited all students to actively participate in the upcoming Agora Youth Awards.

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