Sem-workshop on writing journal articles from academic papers held

Sem-workshop on writing journal articles from academic papers held

by Rex Godinez Ortega

 As it has dawned upon the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) that theses and dissertations should not be made to just sit out their existence in shelves after the students who wrote them have graduated, it decided to organize a seminar-workshop for both faculty and graduate students to introduce the concept of extracting several journal papers from one academic paper.

The CASS, through the editorial board of its official journal, Langkit, held a one-day Seminar-Workshop on How to Derive Journal Articles from Thesis/Special Project/Dissertation yesterday at the Institute boardroom.

“We want to utilize these academic papers so they can be published, and not just put them in shelves,”

Langkit Journal editor-in-chief and Department of English chairperson Dr. Nelia G. Balgoa said.

Balgoa believes that if the exercise is also taken as a collaborative effort between faculty and graduate student, it could increase the research output of the CASS.

The seminar-workshop featured a talk entitled, From Research Manuscripts to Journal Articles – A Personal Account given by retired IIT professor Dr. L.C. Sevidal-Castro.

Sevidal-Castro is one of the pioneering faculty members and administrators of MSU-IIT. She was the first dean of the School of Arts and Humanities (SAH) now known as CASS, and the immediate past editor-in-chief of the Langkit Journal.

 The workshop portion of the activity saw participants trying out their hand at “deriving” journal papers from an academic paper, and having these critiqued later in the afternoon.

 The critiquing part, according to Balgoa, was also very important as they had discovered that many faculty and graduate students still needed to learn how to write a several-paged journal article vis-a-vis the “big-book” -style thesis.

 “We want to capacitate them and arm them with the right skills so that they can improve the quality of their papers, and increase their chances of having these accepted for publication,” Balgoa said.

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15 IIT children in Gazette cover photoshoot

15 IIT children in Gazette cover photoshoot

15 IIT children in Gazette cover photo shoot

The Institute became the playground of 15 children of MSU-IIT’s faculty and staff during the Cover photo session for its official newsletter The Gazette.

The children whose ages ranged from 1 ½ to 12 years old came in the national attires of the various ASEAN member countries since the theme of the December 2015 Gazette is “One ASEAN” or the ASEAN Integration launched in December 2015.

The Office of Publication & Information (OPI) official photographer Mark Jezreel T. Orbe took individual and group photos of the children at the OC and at the CASS building and grounds. At the same time, the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of the children were also on hand to take photos and to give the children directions on how to pose before the camera, visibly enjoying the session as well.

Later, party favors and balloons were distributed to the children after the photo shoot.

The children who represented the ASEAN countries for the photo shoot were:

15 IIT children in Gazette cover photo shoot

Brunei — Lance Anthony Ventanilla (11); Cambodia – Sophia Alexa J. Cortez (4) and Zaneer G. Pasandalan (4); Indonesia — Zilian Viel B. Sagpang (4); Laos – Janus Dave S. Echavez (6) and Margaret Deneb E. Almarez (1 year 10 months); Malaysia – Nitro Bhelson Gonza Cawaling (5); Myanmar – Sophia Patricia M. Fernandez (10); Philippines – Alan Gabriel K. Abragan (8); Harithah Rafeeya Macarambon (6); Thailand – Yuri Mikhail D. Ortega (8) and Yuko Olga Kirsten D. Ortega (5); Singapore — Miyuki Psalm H. Ambe (5) and Feraz Adam Ali Mutia (1 year & 6 months); and, Vietnam – Sean Benedict E. Penola (12) and Janina Denise Q. Villabona (10).

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Mindanao Forum December 2014 issue out

Mindanao Forum December 2014 issue out

by OPI

Mindanao Forum December 2014 issue out

The December 2014 issue of the Mindanao Forum (MF), the official journal of the MSU-IIT is out. This Ched-accredited journal is published by the MSU-IIT Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

The journal is edited by Dr. Christine Godinez Ortega, Acting Director of the Office of Publication and Information.

The papers and their authors featured in this issue are: “Incorporating Indigenous Conflict Resolution into the Philippine Justice System as a Means of Resolving Family Feuds among Muslim Filipinos” by David N. Almarez, Nikki Morshid M Dalidig, Hafsah M. Dimaronsing, Sheham S. Lucman, Elaine Q. Lumba and Mariam Allyssa M. Pacote; “Understanding Rido and the Maguindanao Massacre: Perspective from the Social Sciences” by Jamail A. Kamlian; “Eradicating Child Labor: A Challenge to the Philippine Bureaucracy” by David N. Almarez, Faisah R. Pandita and Jan Lianne M. Ozaraga; “Mindanao’s Child Laborers: A Proposed Intervention Program Design for the Community, GO’s and NGO’s by Alma G. Maranda; “Factors Affecting Health Care Expenditure” by Lady Lu D. Marapao; and, “Sidewalk Management in Support for an Environmentallyy Sustainable Transport (EST) Initiative” by Metodia M. Trinidad and Jose A. Castro.

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The Mindanao Forum Cumulative Index (1982-2013) Out

The Mindanao Forum Cumulative Index (1982-2013) Out

by Christine Godinez Ortega

A cumulative index of the Institute’s official journal, The Mindanao Forum (MF) from 1982-2013 covering Volumes 1-26 is out. Formerly known as The Technician which was first published in 1982, the MF was released recently by the Office of Publication and Information (OPI).

Ms. Bennet Gozo, University Researcher II in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Extension (OVCRE) worked on the cumulative index for six months.

The MF cumulative index includes titles of papers and articles, names of authors and co-authors, keywords or subject themes and other details published in the MF since 1982 to 2013.

It is a handy reference to scholars, researchers, and anyone interested in research and publication.

The cumulative index is an addition to Gozo’s other projects and publications such as a Bibliography of MSU-IIT works and publications published in 1994; a Compilation of Funding Agencies; MF Abstracts and Bibliography of MF papers and articles; a Directory of the Iligan National Writers Workshop (INWW) since 1994; an INWW Compilation of its Tracer Study; a bibliography of publications on the Bangsamoro; and a Compilation of articles in the OVCRE’s Lectern, and other Library Holdings of past researches in the Institute.

Gozo joined the MSU-IIT in 1982. She finished her BS Marine Biology in the MSU main campus and her Master’s in Library Science in MSU-IIT.

At present, she is compiling the citations of MSU-IIT publications of works cited in the Philippine E-Journals and in Google Scholar, among others. –by Christine Godinez Ortega for OC-OPI

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