Students of 3 Phil Sci Campuses for science & technology immersion in IIT

Students of 3 Phil Sci Campuses for science & technology immersion in IIT

by Sheena Gem A. Harun, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

MSU-IIT once again lived up to its name as a Delivering Science and Technology Institution, as three campuses of the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) System signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol for their Science Immersion Program (SIP), on March 31 at the Institute Boardroom.

 Prior to the signing of the MOA was a meeting on the details of the program, attended by the Directors and SIP coordinators of the PSHS-Central Visayas Campus, PSHS-Central Mindanao Campus, and PSHS-SOCCSKSARGEN Campus; Dr. Mark Tristan J. Quimkey and Dr. Christine Cherry E. Solon of the College of Science and Mathematics as representatives of Dr. Evelyn C. Creencia the SIP coordinator of the Institute; Ms. Marietta Esperanza P. Cruz of the IPU-ITSO; and the Chancellor.

 SIP is the initiative of the PSHS campuses to expose their students to the global issues and trends of Science and Technology (S&T); and to further develop their interest in science-oriented courses and programs. It is a required non-graded course that runs for at least 80 hours or 2 weeks immersion period with students of the partner institutions. The students will be having immersion in Science, Engineering, and Computer Sciences.

 During the meeting, it was agreed that the MOA is valid for 3 years, effective every first week of July of the year. Likewise, the shared data or information of MSU-IIT to the PSHS students will be safeguarded with a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which the IPU-ITSO Department will provide.

 As agreed, the students will be housed in the Institute Dormitory to ensure their safety. The names of the PSHS students will be forwarded to IIT not later than May 31. There are approximately 90 PSHS students expected in MSU-IIT starting July 3 this year.

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