CED teachers win Best Paper in International Conference

CED teachers win Best Paper in International Conference

by Ian S. Embradura, OPI

CED teachers win Best Paper in International Conference

College of Education – Integrated Developmental School (CED-IDS) faculty members stood out at the 6th International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (CoSMEd). Ivy Claire V. Mordeno of the Integrated Developmental School (IDS), CED’s Dr. Myrna E. Lahoylahoy, Prof. Sotero O. Malayao and CSM’s Dr. Arnold C. Alguno won the Best Paper Award under the Science Education category for their paper presented at the said conference.

The team’s paper “Designing Experiments in Thermodynamics: Its Effectiveness to Students’ Conceptual Understanding” is a classroom-based research that explored the merits of the Design Your Own Experiment (DYOE) activity in a student-centered setting.

According to Lahoylahoy, thermodynamics is considered to be one of the most difficult topics for senior students. The study hopes to enhance the instruction of thermodynamics by letting the students design the experiment, added Dr. Lahoylahoy. The finds imply that the “DYOE activity guides help students build a mental framework about the concepts in Thermodynamics.” In other words, with minimal guidance, the learners gain the ability “to recognize the problem, make predictions, and construct methods.”

The CoSMED International Conference has the objective in providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences on the development of science and mathematics education at all levels.

CED teachers win Best Paper in International Conference

Mordeno presented the paper at the conference where she was accompanied by co-authors, her adviser Lahoylahoy, and the panelists, Alguno and Malayo. The 6th International CoSMED was held on November 16-19 at the SEAMEO RECSAM in Penang, Malaysia.

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Political Science Faculty and Students Present Papers in the 2015 Philippine Political Science (PPSA) International Conference

Political Science Faculty and Students Present Papers in the 2015 Philippine Political Science (PPSA) International Conference

by Yasmira P. Moner

Khalidbinwalid D. Moner presented his research co-authored with Prof. Marilou S. Nanaman entitled “Maranao-Higaonon Inter-Ethnic Conflict Resolution in Barangay Rogongon, Iligan City”

Two faculty members and three students from the department of Political Science of the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology presented papers during the annual PPSA International Conference held at Dipolog Medical Center (DMC) College Foundation, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, April 10-11, 2015. This year’s theme “Heroes and Villains” explores the issues surrounding the concepts of Heroes and Villains in a transdiciplinary perspectives. This conference is a venue where the PPSA provide key insights on a variety of political issues concerning the Philippines and the region. It was participated by around 150 delegates comprising of Political scientists, scholars, students, NGO practitioners and researchers from different Universities and institutions mostly from Asia-Pacific region.

Ms. Shinette Salazar during her paper presentation “The Empowerment of Maranao Women in Barangay Mandulog, Iligan City” co-authored with Prof. Marilou S. Nanaman, PhD.

This year, Political Science department of the Institute presented three (3) papers to the conference. The presenters/authors and their researches were: (1) “Local Leaders’ Risk Reduction Strategies for Dengue Based on Climate Information: A Case in Communities in Baybay, Leyte” by Prof. Enrique Batara and Mr. Ronnie Emmanuel Gravoso; (2) “Maranao-Higaonon Inter-Ethnic Conflict Resolution in Barangay Rogongon, Iligan City” by Prof. Marilou F. S. Nanaman and Mr. Khalidbinwalid D. Moner; and (3) “The Empowerment of Maranao Women in Barangay Mandulog, Iligan City” by Prof. Marilou S. Nanaman and Ms. Shinette Salazar. In addition, Dr. Marilou S. Nanaman, chairperson of the Political Science department of the Institute is among the newly-elected PPSA Board of Directors (2015-2017).

Aside from the paper presenters, delegates from MSU-IIT include: Yasmira P. Moner, faculty of the department of Political Science and 3rd year Political Science majors namely: Queenie Pearl Tomaro, Elika Err Bienes, Justine Jay Lorca and Jefferson Payusan.

2015 PPSA International Conference was in partnership with the DMC College Foundation, Dipolog City, Philippines.

MSU-IIT Delegation: from R-L: Prof. Enrique Batara, Ms. Yasmira Moner, Ronnie Emmanuel Gravoso, Prof. Marilou Nanaman, Shinette Salazar, Khalidbinwalid Moner, Jefferson Payusan, Queenie Pearl Tomaro, Elika Err Bienes and Justine Jay Lorca.

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Chemical Engineering faculty and students present papers in 7th ASEAN Environmental Confab

Chemical Engineering faculty and students present papers in 7th ASEAN Environmental Confab

by College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering faculty and students present papers in 7th  ASEAN Environmental Confab

Five faculty members and three 5th year Chemical Engineering students of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology (DChE&T) of the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) presented papers during the 7th ASEAN Environmental Engineering Conference (AEEC) held at Hotel Centro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines, Nov. 21-22, 2014.

This regional conference was an annual venue for networking among experts in the ASEAN in solving regional problems.

The conference was funded by the AUN/SEED-Net was likewise an opportunity for participants to discuss future collaborations and activities related to various engineering disciplines.

It aimed to maximize the outreach of the AUN/SEED-Net for stronger impact by involving external participants, including representatives from government, industry, community, non-member institutions, and other professional organizations.

Hosted by the University of the Philippines-Diliman (UPD) and with the theme “How Can Communities Be Ready for Disasters?: The Role of Environmental Engineering in Community Preparedness, Immediate Response and Environmental Sustainability,” the two-day conference included a keynote lecture and technical sessions on “Wastewater Treatment and Water Pollution”; “Solid and Hazardous Waste Management”; “Green and Sustainable Infrastructure Systems and Environmental Systems”; “Water Quality and Management”; “GeoEnvironment, Soil Pollution and Remediation”; “Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Climate Change and Engineering Education”; and, on “Environmental Systems”.

International experts from Japan, the Netherlands and from the Philippines gave messages and shared their knowledge and experiences on disaster preparedness and mitigation, including experts from Japan, the Netherlands and the Philippines.

The 7th AEEC was participated in by various Philippine universities and member institutions of the AUN/SEED-Net including MSU-IIT.

This year, the DChE&T presented eight (8) research studies. These researches and their authors/presenters were: “Effect of N/P Molar Ratio on Struvite Seeded Map Crystallization in a Fluidized Bed by Engr. Ralf Ruffel M. Abarca; “2k Factorial Design for the Determination of Significant Parameters in Acidolysis of Polyfurfuryl Alcohol Resin” by Engr. Ronald P. Bual; “Monitoring and Profiling of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining at Rogongon, Iligan City: Effects on the Physico-Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Surface Water and Mercury Concentration in Sediments of Mandulog River System” by Prof.Dr. Ma. Sheila K. Ramos; “Eco-friendly Method of Preparing Clay-Based Ceramic/Carbon Composite” by Prof. Alexander O. Mosqueda; “Synthesis of Furfural from Coconut Shells and Husk” by Engr. Rodel D. Guerrero; “Optimization of Alkali-catalysed Biodiesel Production from Used Cooking Oil Through Transesterification and Ozone Technology Under Response Surface Methodology” by Mr. Brian B. Pugate; “Optimization of Furfural Synthesis Using Coconut Shells via Acid Hydrolysis” by Ms. Kimberly Julve; and, “Phosphate Removal from Synthetic Swine Wastewater by Fluidized Bed Struvite Crystallization: Influence of Upflow Velocity” by Mr. Remegio S. Pusta, Jr.

Aside from the paper presenters, the MSU-IIT delegation for the AEEC 2014 also included 5th year Chemical Engineering students: Ms. Juliet Fernandez, Ms. Ellaine Llanos, Ms. Frances Nicole Dumas and Ms. Cherry Mae Bala.

AEEC 2014 was in partnership with the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) and University of the Philippines-Diliman. – Contributed news for OC-OPI

Chemical Engineering faculty and students present papers in 7th  ASEAN Environmental Confab
Chemical Engineering faculty and students present papers in 7th  ASEAN Environmental ConfabAt the Banquet:
From top to bottom: Some of the DChE&T faculty and students who participated in the AEEC 2014; Prof. Dr. Ma. Sheila K.Ramos with Dr. Annaliza P. Rollon of the Dept. of Chemical Engineering of UP-Diliman; and Engr. Bual and Ms. Dumas and the other MSU-IIT participants during the conference’s banquet dinner at Hotel Centro.

Photos by: Ronald P. Bual

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CASS Students to Read Papers in Shanghai

CASS Students to Read Papers in Shanghai

The College of Arts & Social Sciences (CASS) English 110 (Philippine Linguistics) class of AB English third year students are reading their papers during the Free Linguistics Conference (FLC 2014) at the Jiao Tong University in Shanghai on September 26-29, 2014, Prof. Honeylet E. Dumoran of the English Department announced recently.

Prof. Dumoran also said that the term papers of the 19 students were accepted for presentation at this international conference on linguistics.

The English majors’ papers present analyses language use in the Philippines and scrutinize various texts such as social media posts, television ads, marketing/political slogans, register, signage, graffiti and poetry. The papers investigate such relationships as those between gender and the discourse of hate, between language choice and public reception, between spoken discourse and its approximation in online communication, and others. The papers are products of investigations the students did for their course in Philippine Linguistics.

The 19 students are Patricia Nicole M. Balgoa, Ian S. Embradura, Chezca Bianca P. Torres, Cristina Belen B. Zayas, Sherhanna Maureen Boniao, Yzza Gayle D. Diaz, Nova Ross S. Bongo, Jena B. Calboneros, Lynrose E. Genon, Floraime O. Pantaleta, Sariah Dawn C. San Juan, Kim Ashley D. Escalona, Mary Rosefern C. Montecalvo, Mark Sanny T. Perfecto, Doreen Jane P. Guanco, Maria Carmela R. Sultan, Janica Krishna S. Aguilar, Keziah Dawn A. Bajan and Vincent Theodore F. Bagnol.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University, site of the international conference ranks 28th in Asia and 123rd in the World University Rankings 2014. It is the host of this year’s FLC, an inclusive forum which hosts research presentations in various areas in Linguistics. The FLC aims to provide an accessible venue for linguists and researchers all over the world through conferences that do not ask for registration fees. FLC 2015 will be held in UP Diliman next year.

Prof. Dumoran is both the Philippine Linguistics class instructor and term paper advisor of all the 19 English majors. She herself has also been accepted into the Conference to present an approach to the analysis of translated audiovisual texts, through a meta-analysis of several undergraduate translation studies which made use of a model she previously constructed.

The English 110 class

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COE, SCS faculty, alumni present papers in international confab

COE, SCS faculty, alumni present papers in international confab

Faculty members and alumni of the Electronics Communications Engineering (ECE) of the College of Engineering (COE) Department and the Electronics Engineering Technology Department of the School of Computer Studies (SCS) presented eight (8) research papers during the 2014 International Conference on Circuits and Systems (ICOCS 2014) held at Bayview Park Hotel, Manila on March 20-21, 2014.

The conference was part of the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT) 2014 Conferences and was convened alongside the “3rd International Conference on Network and Computer Science (INCS 2014)” and the “3rd International Conference on Security Science and Technology (ICSST 2014).

Of the three conferences, the selection committee accepted 30 papers out of 150 submissions. The accepted papers for presentation will be published in the International Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE), Vol.2, No.4, December 2014 which may be at www.ijeee.net.

The conference had 10 speakers from Brunei, Libya, Thailand, Japan, Kuwait, Turkey, Algeria, Malaysia, Korea and Indonesia.

Prof. Allenn Lowaton, Prof. Olga Labajo-Gerasta, Prof. Hareez Villaruz, Prof. Meriam Gay Bautista, and Prof. Jefferson Hora

Prof. Hareez Villaruz, Prof. Allenn Lowaton Prof. Meriam Gay Bautista, Prof. Jefferson Hora, Dr. Avni Morgul (session chair) , ECE Alumni : Christina Garcia, Jaydee Mangalin, Jayson Loreto, Van Buot, and Prof. Olga Joy Labajo-Gerasta

Papers presented by MSU-IIT faculty and alumni are published in the International Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)

The titles of the papers and their authors who presented in the conference and published in the IJEEE are:

“Verilog HDL Implementation of a Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver transmitter” by Jefferson Hora, Meriam Gay Bautista, Kramer Chua, Demie Mae Dajao; “Overstress Free Charge Pump White LED Driver” by Allenn Lowaton, Hong-Yi Huang; “Low-EMI SPWM Generation Technique for DC-AC Converter” by: Hareez Villarus, Wan-Rone Liou, Mei-Ling Yeh; “3rd-Order Dual Trancation 18-bit Audio MASH 2-1 Delta-Sigma Digital to Analog Converter in 90nm CMOS Technology Implementation” by: Olga Joy Gerasta, Mycel Capilayan, Mark Laurence Dandan, Sittie Aleyah Magayo-ong; “12-bit Pipeline ADC Implementation in 0.09um Digital CMOS technology for Powerline Alliance” by Olga joy Gerasta, lavern Bete, Jayson Loreto, Sheerah Orlasan, Honey Mae Tagalogon; “Delay-Locked Loop Using 4 Cell Delay Line with Extended Inverter” by Jefferson Hora, Vincent Alan Heramiz, Pleiades Longakit; “7 Full-Custom Design Fractional Step-Down Charge Pump DC-DC Converter with Digital Control Implementation in 90nm CMOS Technology” by Jhon Ray Esic, Van Louven Buot, Jefferson Hora; and, “Fast Lock-in Time Phase Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizer for Continuous –Time Sigma-Delta ADC” by Jefferson Hora, Christina Garcia, Stella Sabate, Meriam Gay Bautista.

The said conferences held in one venue and the conference program updated participants in the latest development in the field of computer networks advances, computer and communication engineering, specifically, in circuits and systems.

In addition to the opportunity to learn about research achievements and challenges in the field, the event stressed that the true opportunity lies in innovative system design that could be gained through collaborative works and exchanging ideas, as well as promoted the development of research in the scientific community locally and globally. Contributed news for OPI

MSU-IIT faculty and alumni together with the other presenters from other Universities

Prof. Hareez Villaruz, from ESET department receives the best presenter award.

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