2016 Outstanding Employees receive citations, cash prizes during Institute Xmas Party

2016 Outstanding Employees receive citations, cash prizes during Institute Xmas Party

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The Institute gave citations and cash awards to 12 personnel from the Administrative & Non-Teaching staff and 27 faculty members as the 2016 Outstanding Employees of MSU-IIT during the Christmas Party held at the Gymnasium on December 21, 2016.

The PRAISE awards were to recognize the achievements of MSU-IIT employees based on a Civil Service requirement and to correct an omission in giving out the awards for about 10 years, according to Chair of the PRAISE Awards and Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance (VCAF) Dr. David N. Almarez in a brief phone interview with OPI.

Almarez acknowledged “some errors” in the implementation of the PRAISE awards but, he said, “it is a good start and later we can institute reforms to this”.

Ms. Cynthia Sagario of the Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) told OPI that the PRAISE awards were approved for implementation by the MSUS Board of Regents on July 29, 2016. The PRAISE awards is to be distinguished from the Exemplary awards employees receive during Charter Day on July 12 each year.

Nominees to this year’s first PRAISE awards were selected based on a set of criteria and interviews by a panel of interviewers. They had to make the grade of at least 80 per cent to be able to receive the award.    

The 12 faculty members who received the awards for various categories were:

Institute Faculty Award (Cash Prize P40,000.00):  Sergio R. Canoy, Jr. (CSM)  

College AwardInstruction (Cash Prize P10,000.00 each): Mary Ann S. Sandoval (CASS); Divina Corazon M. Gallardo (CBAA); Monera A. Salic (CEd); Cesar S. Gabo (COET Tech); Leah May P. Madjus (CON); Ruben F. Amparado (CSM); Michael A. Nabua (SCS).

Research (Cash Prize P20,000.00 each): Sulpecia L. Ponce (CASS); Pamela F. Resurreccion (CBAA); Imelu G. Mordeno (CEd); Jeprie L. Gultia (COET Tech); Roselyn M. Butalid (CON); Olga M. Nuneza (CSM); Lemuel Clark Velasco (SCS).

Extension (Cash Prize P10,000.00 each): Maria Cecilia M. Ferolin (CASS); May A. Canedo (CEd); Roque B. Requino (COET Tech); Karen R. Veloso (CON); Rosario L. Reserva (CSM); Orven E. Llantos (SCS).

College (Cash Prize P10,000.00 each): Liwayway S. Viloria (CASS); Julita W. Bokingo (CBAA); Josefina M. Tabudlong  (CEd); Chinet M. Overstreet (COET Tech); Gloria Shiela E. Coyoca (CON); Sergio R. Canoy, Jr. (CSM) and Cenie V. Malabanan (SCS).   For this award, Canoy received only the cash prize for the Institute Faculty Award.

 The 12 personnel from the Administrative & Non-Teaching Employees:

Institute Level (Best Cost Center Head Award – Cash Prize P25,000.00 each)

Akima M. Bangcola (Budget); Dr. Mohammad Putting (Clinic); Kristela Diana Mae R. De la Rama (Accounting); Eduardito C. Maruhom (Security); Zayda O. Macarambon (Cultural Development Office).

Administrative & Non-Teaching Employees Union (ANTEU) Awards (Cash Prize P25,000.00):

Best Section Head Award: Rodelito E. De la Cruz (Supply Office)

Best Administrative & Non-Teaching Employee Award (Cash Prize P20,000.00): Fe Palmero (CASS); Victoria Panes and Ofelia M. Japzon (Purchasing); Bainora Amate (OVCPD).

Best Administrative & Non-Teaching Support Employee Award (Cash Prize P15,000.00): Romeo C. Patayon (Supply Office).

Best Administrative & Non-Teaching Research and Extension Employee Award (Cash Prize P15,000.00): Irene A. Estrada (OVCRE).

Members of the PRAISE Awards Committee were VCAF Almarez, Prof. Elmer Nacua, Acting Head of the HRMD, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development Dr. Feliciano Alagao, Monawira A. Ali, President of the Administrative & Non-Teaching Employees Union (ANTEU) and Santiago R. Evasco, Jr., President of the Faculty Union.  

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Search is on for outstanding employees of MSU-IIT

Search is on for outstanding employees of MSU-IIT

by Rex Godinez Ortega

The search is on for this year’s outstanding employees of the Institute with the creation yesterday of selection panels that will screen and evaluate candidates for the different awards to be given at the end of the year.

Among the major awards to be given are those for Best Cost Center Head and Institute Outstanding Faculty.

Twelve selection panels, including an overall panel, are created for the 2016 Search for Outstanding Employees of MSU-IIT that is part of the Institute’s implementation of the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence or PRAISE.

The members of the MSU-IIT PRAISE Committee also make up the Overall Selection Panel for the search.

The personnel who make up the Overall Selection Panel are Dr. David N. Almarez, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; Dr. Feliciano B. Alagao, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development; Ms Akima Bangcola, Budget Management Office head; Prof. Elmer P. Nacua, Human Resource Management Division head; Prof. Santiago Evasco, President of the Faculty Union; and Ms Monawira Ali, President of the Administrative Non-Teaching Employees Union.

Plaques and cash/gift certificates or both shall be given to winners from three major categories – Institute-level awards, faculty awards, and administrative non-teaching awards.

Four faculty awards are to be given to faculty members from each of the Institute’s eight colleges and schools.

These awards are for Best Faculty and for faculty who excel in Instruction, Research, and Extension.

Institute staff members can also win awards in four categories. These award categories are best section head, best staff employee, best staff support, and best research and extension employee.

Five winners will be picked for each staff award category.

 Categories of Awards

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