Institute deploys e-resources for AY 2020-2021 enrollment

Institute deploys e-resources for AY 2020-2021 enrollment

by Michelle Jeanne Caracut, OC/OPI

With the decision to pursue innovative flexible teaching and learning (InFlex) delivery of lessons that would see the first semester of AY 2020-2021 opening maybe in September, MSU-IIT is employing its e-resources so students do not have to be physically present in the campus when they enroll in their classes starting July 1, 2020.

The enrollment period that will cover the whole month of July will utilize the MSU-IIT Intelligent Course Adviser (MICA) and the electronic School Management System (eSMS).

MICA and eSMS are enrollment apps designed by the Institute’s Center for Information and Communication Technology (CICT).

MICA is an AI-based self-service that delivers effortless enrollment experience to IIT students.

eSMS is an integrated student records management system that integrates key activities from admission, course scheduling, registration/enrollment, assessment, billing, payments, and students records management. 

It is a client-server system which makes use of open-source software on its server side, thus making its implementation very affordable even for small tertiary schools. 

This system has been used in MSU-IIT since 2001.

The Institute set the guidelines for enrollment and class management for the first semester of AY 2020-2021 in Special Order No. 00835-IIT,  Series of 2020 that it issued on June 9, 2020.


Under the guidelines, the enrollment for students is categorized into three: 

  1. for freshmen; 
  2. for students who belong to the 2018 approved curriculum (sophomores and juniors); and 
  3. for students under the old curriculum (prior to K-12), those who are second coursers (students who completed an undergraduate degree in IIT and enrolled again in a different 2018 approved curriculum), transferees and shiftees, and graduate students.

For the incoming freshmen who are MSU-SASE qualifiers, enrollment will start on July 1, after receipt of required documents submitted by confirmed students to the Office of Admissions and Scholarship Administration.  

Required documents are: 

  1. a) original copy and two (2) photocopies of Form 138 (Senior HS Card); 
  2. b) original copy and two (2) photocopies of Certificate of Good Moral Character (from Guidance Counsellor or School Principal); 
  3. c) authenticated copy and one (1) photocopy of Birth Certificate from PSA; 
  4. d) two (2) copies of 2×2 bust size picture which should be recent and unretouched; and
  5. e) photocopy of your parent’s latest income tax return or certification from BIR.

Submission of documents shall be by courier service and should reach MSU-IIT by June 30.

For more details of the freshman enrollment, click here.

Students who belong to the 2018 approved curriculum (sophomores and juniors)

Students belonging to this category will use the MICA. This app will require students to sign in to their My.IIT account and to do a few clicks to complete the enrollment process. Instructions will be displayed on the MICA screen for the students to follow. 

MICA recommends the best semestral load for the student which is based on the student’s academic records and program of study.  

Students under the old curriculum (prior to K-12 implementation), second coursers, transferees, shifters, returnees and, graduate students

For students under this classification, remote eSMS will be used. Students under the old curriculum, second coursers, transferees, and shiftees must coordinate with their program adviser who will facilitate their enrollment process.

Transferees must contact the OASA and the program adviser for instructions, evaluation, and availability of slots. 

Shiftees and returning students are expected to contact the adviser of the chosen degree program for evaluation and availability of slots. They must fill out the Shifter’s application form or Returnee’s Application form (whichever applies) and pay the processing fee. Accomplished forms and the official receipt must be sent to the Office of the Institute Registrar for approval.

On the other hand, graduate students should coordinate with the college’s graduate program coordinator for facilitation of their enrollment.

Enrollment for non-freshmen will commence on July 20. 

Fees can be paid either over-the-counter at the Cashier’s Office or through bank deposits or fund transfers to MSU-IIT LBP account (0322-1088-77). Deposit slips must be kept as proof of payment.

Click here for more information on the enrollment procedure.

Program advisers and graduate program coordinators who will be facilitating the enrollment will be given a quick training on how to use the MICA and eSMS.

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