CBAA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

CBAA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

by Gilceline Dingding

CBAA celebrates its 50th Golden Anniversary on October 9-13, 2017 at MSU-IIT and carries the theme “50 Years of Pursuing Excellence”.

As part of the celebration, the Iligan Hotels and Restaurant, Resorts Association (IHARRA) members, along with the Junior Entrepreneurial Marketing Society (JEMS), the Bartending Class, and Catering class, converge in the CBAA parking lot for the opening of the Golden Fest and to set up and prepare their booths for everyone’s enjoyment. 

On the 13th of October 2017, the CBAA constituents, together with their invited guests and dignitaries, commence the program proper through a foot parade and a simple painit. After which, talks are given by highly competent and influential guest speakers like Prof. Salvacion Z. Capistrano and Ms. Ivory Omerah N. Paunte. 

With over 500 attendees, the 50th Golden Anniversary celebration becomes an avenue for everyone to reminisce and discuss the countless trials, historical moments, and continuing success faced by the workforce of the said college.

“The now CBAA has become one of the top business education destinations in Mindanao,” says Dr. Polaus M. Bari, College Dean. “All these achievements are made possible because of you.”

Further, Prof. Salvacion Z. Capistrano emphasizes in her speech that: “Dedicated individuals who make up CBAA are the greatest college assets.”

The program ends with a joyous fellowship night. Different performances are shown and performed by the faculty, staff, guests and students. Thus, the spirit of camaraderie and harmony really reigns in their hearts. 

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