IIT condemns fake news

IIT condemns fake news

by OPI

MSU-IIT condemns a fake news video targeting Senator Antonio Trillanes III that features a false title and a manipulated/doctored preview photo (thumbnail) that also seems to connect Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol with the alleged criminal conspiracy between Trillanes and the Maute patriarch, Cayamora.

The thumbnail used by the video actually consisted of two separate images: one of Cayamora Maute and the other of the Senator having his picture taken with Chancellor Tanggol and other MSU officials during the 2013 MSU-Marawi commencement ceremonies.

(Original Photo)

The merging of the two photos was clearly done to frame the issue of Trillanes allegedly providing arms to the Mautes, as the fake news headline screamed. Unfortunately, it also draws an indirect connection to the Chancellor.

MSU-IIT condemns this reprehensible act, and calls on the Government to finally address the rising and serious threat posed by fake news.  

 (The fake news video was posted on two YouTube channels: Duterteism and Duterte News Report. This was then shared on the news websites dutertebalita.net and pinoybalita.net.)

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