Department of Extension of OVCRE to lead efforts in Building Resilient Communities 2019

Department of Extension of OVCRE to lead efforts in Building Resilient Communities 2019

by Lynrose Jane Genon

The Department of Extension of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension (OVCRE) is leading efforts in building capacities and resilience of local communities and MSU-IIT constituents in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management through a series of activities and events from August to October 2019.

Enhancing community capacities is MSU-IIT’s response to the recognition that, indeed,  local communities are on the frontlines in both the immediate impact of disasters and the initial emergency response. MSU-IIT also recognizes that strengthening resilience is not only about disaster management but it is in fact an essential component of all emergency and development programming. 

Current research shows that local communities with sustainable livelihoods, health care and good access to public services are less susceptible to hazards and faster to recover in time of disasters. So, the  Department of Extension has made it a priority to ensure that building resilient communities is an integral part of its extension engagement and ensures that MSU-IIT’s  programs and projects work towards educating and building the capacity of local communities to reduce risks posed by disasters – both natural and human-induced, mitigate impacts and to quickly recover.  

BRC Project is working at all levels – from governance, policy, management, and practice while continuing to promote disaster preparedness and disaster mitigation. 

BRC 2019 emphasizes the significant role of the youth.  Hence, this year’s theme is Youth: A Vital Pillar of Community Resiliency.  This recognizes that young people are not only disproportionately affected by the impact of disasters but they are are also among the first responders in emergencies.  This highlights the importance of engaging young people in improving current efforts to build the society’s resilience and reduce the risks of disasters – both nature- and human-induced.

Department of Extension of OVCRE to lead efforts in Building Resilient Communities 2019

Indian geologist conducts lecture series on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in MSU-IIT

Dr. G.P. Ganapathy, an Applied Geologist of the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University-Center for Disaster Mitigation and Management at Vellore, Tamilnadu, India conducted a series of lectures in MSU-IIT on August 30 to September 8, 2013.

Dr. G. P. Ganapathy
Dr. G. P. Ganapathy

Ganapathy, who came to the Institute upon the invitation of the School of Graduate Studies, spoke on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management to students from the College of Business and Accountancy, College of Education, College of Nursing, and to graduate students in the Sustainable Development Studies Program of the Institute.

Ganapathy had earlier been invited by Dr. Olga M. Nuneza, the former Vice Chancellor for Research & Extension, when the two met at an international conference in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ganapathy’s accomplishments in funded researches, consultancy projects, international and national research paper presentations in applied geology, disaster mitigation and management particularly involving earthquake and landslide hazards, and mining, and, as a managing editor and member of the editorial board of 13 international journals made him an excellent choice in sharing his expertise on disaster management to the MSU-IIT community.

The Indian visiting scientist spoke on various related topics on disaster management, at the same time, shared his case studies and experiences in India regarding the following topics—preparedness; database gathering; plans to benefit educational institutions; natural hazard management, planning and land use regulations; engineering solutions in hazard, vulnerability and risk assessments; analysis on earthquake damages; the application of traditional knowhow in community-based disaster management; and, on gender issues in disaster management.

Signing of the Memrandum of Understanding between VIT University and MSU-IIT on September 2, 2013 with Dr. G.P. Ganapathy representing the Chancellor of his University and Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol, representing MSU-IIT.

Ganapathy capped his visit to the Institute by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as VIT representative with the MSU-IIT represented by Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol, Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Dr. Jinky B. Bornales, Dr. Edgar W. Ignacio, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. David N. Almarez, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development and Dr. Polaus M. Bari, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance on September 2, 2013.

Among the important points in the MOU are the promotion of exchanges between students for study visits and trainings; joint participation in undergraduate, graduate and post graduate courses for credit and supervision of students’ theses and projects; a faculty exchange program in the planning and handling of courses, the organization of seminars and workshops and conferences and other mutual exchanges in teaching, research, and for industrial purposes; joint development of research and development programs and in publications and reports; and, other possible joint ventures in interdisciplinary areas of specialization relevant to both institutions.

 of Graduate Studies Dean Alita Roxas, Graduate Coordinators and Heads of
 DRRM-related Committees/Programs at the MSU-IIT Hostel Function Room
School of Graduate Studies Dean Alita Roxas, Graduate Coordinators and Heads of DRRM-related Committees/Programs at the MSU-IIT Hostel Function Room

For her part, Prof. Hazel D. Jovita Coordinator of the OVCRE’s Center for Local Governance Studies (CLGS) gave the main features of the Philippine DRRM Law (RA 10121) and the DRRM activities in Iligan City and in MSU-IIT before the start of the lecture-series, the CLGS being mandated to mainstream Climate Change Adaptation: – Disaster Risk Reduction and Management principles.

The National Broadcasting Network during an interview with Dr. Ganapathy
The National Broadcasting Network during an interview with Dr. Ganapathy

— Liwayway S. Viloria, Sustainable Development Studies Program Coordinator for the OC-OPI

Department of Extension of OVCRE to lead efforts in Building Resilient Communities 2019

Institute faculty members in two international confabs in Singapore

College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA), College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) and College of Education(CED) faculty members read their papers in two international conferences, the 7th of the Self-concept Enhancement and Learning Facilitation (SELF) international conference held in Singapore on September 11-15, 2013 and the International Conference on Education and Social Sciences on September 13-15, 2013 also in Singapore.

Prof. Stephen Fajardo, Assistant Dean of CBAA read his paper entitled “Inter -Disciplinary Mother -Tongue Multilingual Education WEB Page Design: Best Innovative Instruction for Critical Thinking Skills”; Dr. Adelfa C. Silor, coordinator of CED Research and Publication read her paper entitled “Views and Perspectives of Students: Basis for Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Instruction for 21st Century Education Skills”. IIT alumna and faculty member of Initao College Ms. Sheenalyn M. Abangan also read her paper entitled “Listening to Solo Music Reduces Stress and Improves Cognition Across Disciplines” during 7th of the SELF international conference.

Under the direction of Professor Herbert Marsh, the SELF research network had over 450 members from 45 countries across 6 continents.

Its focus was on methodological and substantive synergies that drew on advanced quantitative methodology (e.g., multilevel modelling, structural equation modelling, and meta-analysis) in pursuit of substantive, policy-oriented issues. The conference highlighted the fact that individuals who felt more positively about themselves, those who believed in themselves were likely attained success in life.

The SELF research network produces a series of monographs, hosts international conferences, and publishes researches in leading international journals.

The other international conference on Education and Social Sciences brought together professors, researchers and scholars around the world discussing the latest innovative and recent researches and trends in education and in the social sciences.

Prof. Jingle B. Magallanes, faculty from the CSM presented his paper entitled “Outcomes -Based Education Using Realia Approach across Curriculum: Its Implication to the 21st Century Education Skills”; Dr. Michael Art R. Napoles, faculty of the College of Education’s Department of Technology Teaching Education(CEd-DTTE), presented his paper entitled “Modular Instruction in Learning 3D Homes Designing” and Prof. Michelle Samantha M. Gutierrez, also a faculty of DTTE-CED likewise presented her paper entitled “Improving Students Team work and Retention of Learning through Inquiry -Based Approach”. Silor read her other paper entitled” Parenting and School Collaboration: Its Effect to Children’s Academic Performance” during this second international conference. (contributed by Adelfa Silor)

Photos courtesy of Adelfa Silor

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