Teaching Computer Skills to the Deaf

Teaching Computer Skills to the Deaf

by Ian S. Embradura, OPI

Teaching Computer Skills to the Deaf

The School of Computer Studies (SCS) of the Institute recently concluded the latest training it held for deaf youths that is a short course on office productivity and internet applications.

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Training for the Deaf was conducted in partnership with the Life Project for Youth (LP4Y) Foundation.

Already on its fifth year, the training aimed to integrate deaf youths into the digital world and provide them the necessary computer skills.

It was facilitated by the SCS’s Department of Information Technology.

Around 18 deaf youths have benefitted from the extension activity that is part of the SCS’s continuing efforts of extending their expertise to the community.

This year’s new batch of LP4Y youths was taught basic keyboarding, Microsoft Word and Excel, and Google applications.

Faculty and student volunteers served as facilitators alongside a sign language translator.

Teaching Computer Skills to the Deaf

Started by Prof. Lemuel Clark P. Velasco and SCS Dean Alquine Roy F. Taculin in 2011, the training has already produced empowered deaf youths who have pursued job opportunities.

“It is inspiring how we can build the confidence of the deaf,” says Prof. Velasco who continues to spearhead the program and has come to learn some sign language himself.

The two-week training came to a conclusion in a closing ceremony held at the Institute Boardroom on July 22, 2015.

“They have the strength that would help society as a whole and that would help them find their means of living,” said Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Dr. Jinky B. Bornales.

Teaching Computer Skills to the Deaf

Olivier Le Galloudec, coordinator of the LP4Y Foundation, gave a keynote speech in which he expressed how touched he was “by the spirit of mission here, of helping others.”

“Our mission is for them to be autonomous, to help their families,” adds Le Galloudec.

The 18 deaf youths are benefactors of the Hear Us! Project under the LP4Y Foundation.

The institute’s partnership with the said foundation is a testament to the latter’s slogan, “I can’t, but together we can”.

Teaching Computer Skills to the Deaf

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