CED is accepting students for CPRT program

CED is accepting students for CPRT program

by J-Roel Semilla

The College of Education of the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology  announces that the admission and enrolment procedure for the Certificate in Professional Teaching (CPRT)Program starts on July 21, 2020. Please be advised of the requirements and policies that follow. 

  1. Requirements for First Year CPRT Students:
  •  Official Transcript of Records
  • Admission Form – from Admission Office
  • Duly accomplished Application Form – from School of Graduate Studies
  • 2 pieces 2 x 2 ID  picture
  • 1 long brown envelope
  • 1 long plastic envelope
  • Duly accomplished Profile Form – from the CPRT Advisers: Rizalina G. Gomez(rizalina.gomez@g.msuiit.edu.ph) (for CPRT Second Year) and Dr. Angeline P. Dinoro (angeline.dinoro@g.msuiit.edu.ph  (for CPRT First Year) of the Department of Professional Education (DPRE)

You may contact the Assistant Dean, Asst. Professor Osuardo A. Pabatang Jr. at the Dean’s Office (09171263883) or  at osuardojr.pabatang@g.msuiit.edu.ph . 

Policies and Guidelines in the Implementation of the:

  1. Admission

New students will be admitted in the program on the third day of enrollment. This is to give priority to old students to enroll in the courses being offered.

Those who wish to be admitted to the program must bring with them an original copy of their TOR (Transcript of Records) and GPA Certification (if not a graduate of MSU-IIT).

Requirements for admission to the CPRT Program are the following:

  • Baccalaureate degree from MSU system or a CHED recognized institution
  • At least 00 CGPA or better
  • Must pass the interviewto be conducted by the CPRT adviser

If the applicant qualifies, the CPRT adviser will issue the PSAC (Program Slot Availability Confirmation). The applicant then submits the PSAC to the Admission Office and comes back to the CPRT adviser for controlling of subjects.

Prior to admission, the CPRT adviser should explain to the applicants what the CPRT Program is all about.  

  1. Slots

There will only be 45 slots available for every CPRT subject that will be offered. Once a class or a certain subject is full, adding is not allowed. However, if a slot is vacated, a student will be allowed to enroll or add the subject. 

  1. The CPRT Subjects

Undergraduate students are not allowed to enroll in any CPRT subject. A CPRT student is not allowed to enroll in any undergraduate Professional Education course. A CPRT student may however enroll in other undergraduate courses but must first seek permission from the department offering the course. 

  1. Course Offering

Courses to be offered every semester should be based on the CPRT curriculum.   

  1. Practice Teaching

Practice Teaching should only be taken once a student has completed all the required subjects. Practice Teaching will not be allowed even if he / she only has one subject left.   

  1. Licensed Teachers Who Wish to Take Practice Teaching

Licensed Teachers who wish to take Practice Teaching may be admitted in the program. They are however required to take all the FS Courses (FS 1 – 6) first before they will be allowed to enroll in Practice Teaching. Considering that they have already taken 18 units of Professional Education subjects required by PRC, they are not required to take the additional 6 units that the CPRT program is offering. Individuals of this case will not be issued a CPRT Certificate of Completion. 

  1. Transfer Credits

Only 9 units of Professional Education courses taken outside the MSU system will be credited. 

  1.  Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion will only be given to individuals who finished the 36 units CPRT Curriculum. This certificate will be signed by the DPRE Chairman and the CED Dean.

CPRT Students perform puppet show to promote environmental awareness

CPRT Students perform puppet show to promote environmental awareness

by J-Roel Semilla

To show their passion and innovation in educating young minds, the Certificate for Professional Teaching (CPRT) students of Mr. Jaypee S. Yongco perform a puppet show in front of more than 70 children at the UCCP covered court Purok 8-A, Tambacan, Iligan City on October 26, 2019.

“The aim of the puppet show is to demonstrate what the education students learn about the effective use of educational materials through purposive learning,” Mr. Yongco said.

The puppet show imparted the lesson of being a responsible child and taking care of the environment. 

“It emphasizes the role of the teachers in instilling values to our younger generation and to be good stewards of our environment,” Mr. Yongco added.

The event also showed not only the ingenuity of the education students but also their enthusiasm for learning and service to the community.