3 MSU-IIT CON students’ stories showcase in PNAA Women’s Month Spread

3 MSU-IIT CON students’ stories showcase in PNAA Women’s Month Spread

by Junnette Andale, Vince Milbert Ganzon, Hanna Gumama, Clarence Keith Udalve 

CON Students with the speaker Fiona Armstrong, Founder of Climate and Health Alliance, Melbourne, Australia

Every day, women are driving change and progress around the world. Thus, International Women’s Month, which commences every month of March, is a chance for all of us to take stock and recognize each woman’s value and accomplishments. 

 In line with this event, the Philippine Nurses Association of America celebrates the life of inspirational women in Nursing. As the profession dominated by women who get to grip with the biggest challenge of providing care to millions around the world using the fundamental model of utilizing the head, heart and hand, we are elated to share the impactful work across the globe of few women from the College of Nursing in Mindanao State University—Iligan Institute of Technology, which were featured in Celebrating Women’s Day Volume 9, Issue 2, March 2021 by inside PNAA, the Official Newsletter of PNAA, Inc. Those featured 3rd year Nursing students of MSU-IIT include Nasrimah R. Bagumbaran on pages 17-18, Eirah Nicole D. Jumawan on pages 27-28, and Heavenly D. Legaspino on pages 29-30.

One of the courageous acts that will transform the youth is to speak up and to lead the move, Nasrimah R. Bagumbaran, is an aspiring youth who supports the change in environmental health and in developing resilience from the initiatives and to mitigate climate related threats. 

“Considering that the event was a great opportunity especially to an ordinary woman like me, it proved that nothing is impossible so long as you are determined in reaching your goals.” Nasrimah conveyed.

Through the support of her batchmates and co-officers in her organization, they revived their goal of having the seminar-workshop and clean-up drive for their community, by having a virtual meeting with them. Hopefully their humble act will commence when this pandemic ends.

 Not being a healthcare professional yet did not hinder Eirah Nicole D. Jumawan in taking and maximizing space in the society even as a student-nurse. She participated in the Filipino Nurses Global Summit III and the 12th International Nursing Conference as a scholar. She also contributed her time and efforts to numerous fundraising and donation drives such as the Help Kids Project that aims to provide bond papers for the production of modules that will benefit different schools in Iligan City; donations of pre-loved clothes in collaboration with other student-nurses for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses, and raised Php 2,434 to dog shelters aiming to help neglected dogs at the height of the pandemic.

Jumawan describes her advocacies as multidimensional after her new experiences saying that “It [Advocacy as a nursing student] does not pertain only to health, but also in environmental aspects and social injustice.”

 When asked what her message is to the women of Nursing today, she voices out how both being a woman and a student-nurse rekindled her passion of empowering other female nursing students to learn, take courage and make a difference. She says, “Let us choose to be a  warrior and always remember that we are not just a woman.”

 Heavenly D. Legaspino also participated in the said events and has taken part to the initiative under Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library, Inc (KRIS) of conducting a 3-day webinar, “Kalinaw: Pagtaguyod ng Kapayapaan sa Gitna ng Pandemya” with the aim to educate and inspire the youth to become pillars of peace. Under the same organization, she also spearheaded a webinar last September 27-19, 2020 where health, environment, and peace building relations were the highlights.

 “Health will play a role as a catalyst in the peace process because there is a strong commitment to peace and healing behind it,” says Legaspino on how health helps in the promotion of peace. 

 On being a part of PNAA Women’s Day spread, Legaspino expresses that the event paved the way for a new era of women in Nursing. “As women and Nursing students of today, I presume that we are the forefront of change even in the environmental aspect. We must understand that we need to create an environment that facilitates nature to act upon our patients.”

 “To all the women of Nursing and even those with a heart like hers, let us not limit ourselves in learning because that is all we need to become the future of Nursing,” Legaspino added.

Taking initiative in times of crisis is one of the strengths of this college. Embodied with empathy and skills to make an impact to the people and to have a healthier and safer community.

“I believe that in these small projects, transformative leaders are born, modern day heroes are made, and  great things can be accomplished”, expressed by their chaperone to PNAA, Ms. Mae Lanie Poblete.

“It’s worth celebrating that nursing has become a more inclusive profession without diminishing its core values. We gave tribute to those who came before us, who fought hard to have what we have today.” she added.

 The three CON students were part of the 15 recipients of the PNAA grants given to commendable students who excelled academically and demonstrated a genuine desire to make positive changes in their communities.

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