CBAA hosts Brand Design workshop

CBAA hosts Brand Design workshop

by Sheanelene Diez

Iligan City- College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) students of MSU-IIT delved into branding and designing in the seminar-workshop Brand Design for Young Entrepreneurs on March 10, 2019 at CED Amphitheater. Guided by guest speaker Aurille Joseph Intia, versed digital and visual designer, participants explored brand identity, brand image and branding.

Students from each department and year level joined the event, learning the elements of the brand guideline through concepts, illustrations and actual works of the speaker. The students were exposed to how brands like Google and campaigns such as It’s More Fun in the Philippines developed and upstreamed their identities through design.

As an activity, the graduating marketing students explained how they came up with their products’ brand names and designs. Other participants also came up with their own branding of CBAA as an output. The speaker reinforced the topics discussed by pinpointing critical elements on the students’ works and by giving feedbacks on their projects.

The event, spearheaded by CBAA EC and by Asst. Prof. Anton Cabatingan Jr., was held primarily to direct the newly organized CBAA Communications Team to integrate the college’s vision into their outputs through branding. In conjunction, the workshop was held to open these young entrepreneurs’ minds to the impact of design in creating a good brand.

The event concluded with awarding Sir Aurille with a certificate and token of appreciation on his role as the expert speaker on the topic.

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