IColar Dr. Lahoy-lahoy

“Why not start doing research in our college”, asked Dr. Myrna E. Lahoylahoy, ICoLAR Project Team Leader as she exhaustively explained the rationale of Classroom-Based Action Research Project during its launching on March 1, 2010 at Room 307, College of Education. Present in the activity were the faculty members of the college who committed to engage in the said research project. The project team leader further encouraged the attendees to start the conduct of research in their own classrooms. Prof. Amelia T. Buan, a member of the research team presented a run-through of the scheduled writeshops in the coming weeks. This endeavor is an extension of the previously formed “Community of Learning” in the conduct of researches between MSU-IIT and the Department of Education – Iligan City Division. As an incentive, the participants were given free lunch.

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