by Vita P. Sinconiegue

Accrediting team, headed by Dr. Manuel T. Corpus, together with the different stakeholders of CED, MSU-IIT convened for a short meeting and panel interview in relation to the involvement and contributions of the College of Education to the community. The stakeholders included the students, parents, alumni, city government official, Rotary Club representative, teacher recipients of CED training, seminars and extension projects, DepEd administrators of Iligan City, and Dean of the College of Education at Iligan Capitol College.

Dr. Corpus and the members of the accrediting team asked the students about the different assistance extended by MSU-IIT to its students and how the latter has involved them in its goal-setting and decision-making activities. The parents were also asked about the problems they might have encountered with their children related to school. In as far as the community involvement of the College of Education is concerned, DepEd administrators and public school teachers testified on the immense support of the college in the literacy program such as the Remedial Reading, and also in their effort of mentoring in-service teachers.

Ms. Evelyn Manahan, a secondary school teacher, who has been a trainee and participant in various trainings and seminars of the college, was very grateful to the professors of CED for sharing their expertise with them especially in promoting the culture of research in their schools through the ICoLAR (Iligan Community of Learning Action Research) Project. “The city government is also employing a number of MSU-IIT graduates since they have been known and have proven themselves to be competent in their different fields of endeavor”, added city councilor Zalsos. Moreover, the alumni headed by Mr. Empig, imparted how the different pedagogical principles they have learned from their mentors while in college, helped them in their teaching profession.

It was indeed a great opportunity of proving to everyone how the College of Education has made a difference in the community where it belongs.

AACCUP Accreditors’ meeting with MSU-IIT stakeholders

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