by Ian S. Embradura, OPI

Before the formal opening of the Academic Year 2015-2016, MSU-IIT has decided to open a second summer term, which begins on the second week of June as approved by the Board of Regents through BOR Resolution No. 404, s. 2014 that moves the beginning of a new academic year from June to August. In preparation for ASEAN Integration. The calendar shift will make the Institute in sync with our ASEAN neighbors. With the end of the first summer at the end of May, the Institute is left with two months ahead before the start of Academic Year 2015-2016.

Second Summer term set before New Academic Year

June and July are to be open for summer course offerings. According to Dr. Edgardo W. Ignacio, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the colleges are left with the prerogative to open subjects for the students to enroll. However, the number of course offerings in the second summer does not even reach half of that in the first summer.

Second Summer term set before New Academic Year

Majority of these courses, for both summer terms, are Undergraduate Thesis and Research Methods. It should likewise be noted that the number of enrollees between the first and second summers have a big difference margin, with 5,135 for the first Summer term and 1,110 (as of June 9, 2015) enrollees for the second Summer term.

The Institute’s decision to open a second Summer term is also to provide the contractual faculty with jobs that would justify their salaries for the two-month duration, according to Ignacio. Aside from the teaching load, Ignacio adds that the faculty also have the option in doing their part of “redesigning of the curricula and crafting of the syllabi” in preparation for August, and for the Institute’s vision for internationalization.

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