School of Computer Studies (SCS) Dean, Prof. Alquine Roy F. Taculin conducted the first of a lecture-series for students by the Guidance & Counseling Office entitled “Cyber Issues: Etiquette, Addiction and Crime” on September 18, 2013 at the College of Nursing Hall.

The lecture attended by students focused on the advantages and disadvantages in the use of social networking sites in particular, Facebook (FB) – a popular site especially among students.

Taculin talked about the propriety in the use of networking sites. He gave as an example the improper postings of photos that may cause the account owner problems. He suggested that if students, using the FB, want to post photos they may use their privacy settings or “Only Me” which may appear on their Timelines and in News Feed visible only to those they tag.

He also introduced a law and legal maxims to enlighten and encourage his audience to be responsible internet users. During the open forum, students also asked whether they would be held liable on posts which were on “Only Me” settings but were spread in cyber space after their laptops were hacked. Taculin explained that the person who had spread the posts would be held liable since it was not the intention of the account owner to post them indiscriminately.

The Guidance & Counseling Office through the Guidance Counselors, Maricar T. Koppin (COE), Charlane N. Gabutan (SET), and Katrina L. Codilla (CBAA) gave Taculin a Plaque of Recognition in appreciation for his lecture to the students. OC-OPI with report from Kimberly C. Paculba

Topics : cyber law  information technology  computer science