Internal Scholarships

  1. Academic Scholarships
    1. MSU-SASE Top 20
      Scholarship MSU-SASE Score Monthly Stipend Maintaining GPA
      Rizal’s Excellence Award 150-156 Php 2,000 1.20 – 1.00
      Chancellor’s Award 143-149 Php 1,300 1.44 – 1.21
      Dean’s Award 136-142 Php 500 1.75 – 1.45
    2. Dean’s Lister (for COE, CSM, SCS, and CASS AB English & BS Psych Students)Privileges: (a) Free tuition and other fees for those students whose grade point average range from 1.75 to 1.50, while (b) free tuition and other fees plus monthly stipend ranging from Php400 to Php1200 for those students who obtained a GPA ranging from 1.49 to 1.00.
    3. Valedictorians / SalutatoriansPrivileges: granted free tuition only during the first semester of his/her admission.
  2. Financial Assistantships
    1. Student Assistantship / Office AssistantshipAwarded to deserving students in the undergraduate level who are in need of financial assistance. This type of grants-in-aid is renewable on a semestral basis. Student assistants are compensated at the rate of P10/hr while office assistants are compensated at P15/hr. Compensation is good for a maximum of 100 hours only per month.
    2. Special Scholarships

External Scolarships

Privately Funded Scholarships

    1. PhilDev FoundationPrivileges: Free school and other fees. Php 5,500 monthly allowance, 4000 book allowance per semester.
    2. HOLCIMPrivileges: Tuition and other school fees
    3. JCreations Digital Printing Station Scholarship ProgramPrivileges: P4,000 semestral allowance
      Recipient: BSIT/BSCS graduating students
    4. LEXMARK Research and Development Corp.Privileges: School fees, Book allowance of P6,000/year, living allowance of P3,000/month, transportation allowance of P4,000/year, clothing allowance of P500/sem and special project cash allowance of P5,000 once the student is in his/her senior year.
    5. METROBANK Scholarship Program (ACCESS)Privileges: 100% subsidy to cover full payment of tuition and other fees, semestral allowance of P5,000 to cover books, uniform and other school-related expenses
    6. Association of IIT Alumni Foundation, Inc. (AIITAFI)Privileges: monthly stipend of P500
    7. New Horizon Travel and Tours Scholarship ProgramPrivileges: P4,000 semestral allowance
      Recipient: BSBA Entrepreneurial Marketing graduating students
    8. PHINMA Foundation Scholarship ProgramPrivileges: Grant of P5,000 per semester.
    9. PILMICO Foods CorporationPrivileges: A grant not exceeding the amount of P3,760; uniform allowance for ROTC in the amount of P1,500; allowance for Registration/Miscellaneous Expenses of P500 (library fee, athletic fee, school publication fee, dental/medical, guidance and ID Card, and Tuition Fee (21 units x Php 100/unit), Books P1,000, school supplies, P500, Laboratory fee P200
    10. PSME-ILIGAN BAY CHAPTERPrivileges: Monthly stipend of P400, book allowance of P500/sem. Tuition and other school fees.

Government-Funded Scholarships

    1. Department of Science and Technology (DOST)Privileges: (a) tuition and other school fees not to exceed P3,500/sem: (b) allowance for prescribed textbooks and essentials school supplies at P500/sem; (c) outright grant for prescribed Military and Physical Education uniforms at P500 during first year; (d) free transportation for one-economy round trip between the permanent residence and place of study; (e) monthly living allowance for a 10-month duration of P1,500/P700/P500 for full, partial & special grant, respectively, depending on the awarded scholarship category which shall be based on certain socio-economic indicators (e.g residence, income, size of family, etc.); and (f) group health and accident insurance.
    2. Senator Kiko Pangilinan Scholarship
    3. Mayor’s Scholarship ProgramPrivileges: P3,500/sem
    4. Barangay Officials Tuition PrivilegePrivileges: free tuition
    5. Commission on Higher Education (CHED)Privileges: semestral stipend
    6. Oversea’s Workers Welfare AdministrationPrivileges: P30,000/sem
    7. DND-CHED-PASUC Scholarship ProgramPrivileges: exemption from payment of tuition and other matriculation fees; miscellaneous expenses will be shouldered by CHED.
    8. HERO Scholarship
    9. GSIS Scholarship Program
    10. Tulong Dunong

International Scholarships

    1. The Robert Schappert U.S.A. ScholarshipPrivilege: Tuition bills