by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC

IN PREPARATION for their release into the field where they apply, in a controlled environment, what they learned in their own classrooms at the College of Education (CED), education majors are given the training to help prepare them for the next phase in their journey into becoming full-time educators.

The one-day training called Creating Digital Portfolio is held on September 11 at the CED Amphi-theater. It is attended by around 110 pre-service teachers.

These pre-service teachers are the CED students who are enrolled in the college’s student teaching program. 

They are expected to undergo their practicum where they will be placed in selected schools in different locations to practice teach and manage a classroom, under the supervision of a professional teacher.

According to the coordinator of CED’s student teaching program, Prof. Rizalina G. Gomez, the training enhances the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the students to better prepare them for the work to be done in the field.

The training is also aimed at helping the students become digitally-literate and technologically-competent, Gomez adds.