by Xandelyn Racel R. Baena

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February 27- The Department of Philosophy & Humanities of the College of Arts and Social Sciences stage a lecture on “A Philosophy of Love: Intersubjectivity as Appeal to the Other” at the Cassalida Theater.  The invited speaker was Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc of the Ateneo de Davao University who wittingly discuss matters on love and marriage. The participants giggled at the real to life talks of Dr. Maboloc, such as on the notion “happy marriage” and “how the whole reality of love is as complicated as with the nature of philosophy.” He mentioned that love has only romanticize the true nature of marriage, and that is, choosing someone not really because of the so-called “love” but because of the fulfillment of the function; that marriage is a matter of security. Listeners may glare of this straightforward talk, but it certainly has a grain of truth.

Since most of the participants are philosophy students, Dr. Maboloc synthesized how important is the philosophy as a field of study. He shared that the complications in Philosophy make it important discipline; it creates that balance in society, showcasing what is human in us. The talk of Dr. Maboloc is only the first in the lecture series of the Philosophy and Humanities Department, which will run until April.

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