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The heat is on as the eight schools and colleges of the institute prepare for the final countdown to this year’s Palakasan. The excitement is building up as each college prepares their final routines, game plans, and pieces for the different events that will take place during the week to come.

Get ready, as we bring you Palakasan ’09—definitely the biggest and grandest event of the school year, sponsored by the highest student body council of the institute, the Kataas-taasang Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral (KASAMA). In this week-long student activity, MSU-IIT proves that it is not only brimming with people who can bring glory in the field of academe, but that these very same geniuses can also excel in the field of sports, singing and dancing, and literary competitions. The College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) Arachnids, College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) Griffins, College of Education (CED) Phoenix, College of Engineering (COE) Dragons, College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) Lynx, Integrated Developmental School (IDS) Hornets, School of Computer Studies (SCS) Wolves, and School of Engineering Technology (SET) Tigers sure are up for a tough competition against each other on the various events in the Cultural, Literary, and Sports categories. The thrill increases as we watch the clash of these powerful titans for the title “Palakasan ’09 Overall Champion”.

So how does this year’s Palakasan differ from any other Palakasan that was held before? For one, the one-year hiatus due to the bombing incidents in the city contributed to the build-up of the anticipation for the Palakasan ’09. Plus, cool new events are added up to the list of anticipated activities. The School of Engineering Technology Director, Prof. Santiago Evasco, being the overall steering committee chairman, together with KASAMA President Marlanie Kresyl Piano worked hand-in-hand to ensure the success of this event.

Palakasan ’09 will start with an Opening Salvo on the night of August 27 (Thursday). Also, expect all colleges to perform full throttle in the Cheerleading Competition during the opening night. We also bring you MSU-IIT’s attempt for a Guinness World Record having the Most Number of People to Simultaneously Sing the National Anthem, also in celebration of the foundation day of the University on September 1, during the last day of Palakasan ‘09.

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