by Ian S. Embradura, OPI

As the propaganda arm of MSU-IIT, the Office of Publication and Information (OPI) continues to develop its personnel by holding a seminar-workshop on Graphics Design, Branding and Reputation, and Powerpoint Presentation on August 7, 2015 at the Institute Boardroom.

The seminar-workshop was also participated in by staff members from IIT’s various cost centers who are in the frontline of image-building for the Institute.

OUS hosts 2-day campus secretaries seminar-workshop

The lecture on graphics design by Christina Newhard focused on content creation and publications. Newhard dealt with the fundamentals—what is aesthetically effective and pleasing when it comes to presenting information and ideas.

Christina Newhard is the principal of a one-woman, Brooklyn-based design studio she started herself. For 15 years, she has worked at the in-house Communication Office of Columbia University. Among her other creative involvements in the academe include Fordham Law School, New York University, and the New York Post.

OUS hosts 2-day campus secretaries seminar-workshop

Complementing Newhard’s lecture is Carminia Borja’s discussion on Powerpoint (PPT) Presentation and Branding and Reputation. As someone whose line of work is “selling it”, Borja shares her expertise on the importance of a good image, whether that be in a PPT slide or the reputation of a brand.

Borja has worked with Aboitiz Philippines as brand team leader and is in charge of executing design and brand strategy. Currently she is the supervisor of customer service and community relations of the Iligan Light and Power, Incorporated (ILPI).

“What is the brand of IIT?” Borja asked.

Intangible assets – the reputation and brand of an institution – can go a long way in assisting towards a goal, she adds; in IIT’s case, to be “world-class”.

OUS hosts 2-day campus secretaries seminar-workshop

With the insights Newhard and Borja shared with the participants, IIT is moving forward on that road towards building its image and strengthening its brand.

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