by Jovanne Balolong Tatoy

Life is a precious gift given to us human being and every life cycle consists of birth and death. Birth marks the start of a story of a human being– to live and finish his mission in life. Death is not predictable and is stoppable so we must accept it as part of life cycle. These two seasonings are always one that is why each is a precious gift; life and death complete the picture of a life cycle given to a human being. As for me, my life cycle happened just as how God planned it for me.

I am 18 years of age, born on September 27, 1991 in Iligan City and residing in Tambo Bayug, Hinaplanon. Born to a poor family, I am proud of my parents- Jose Rico Tatoy, a security guard and Amadenia Balolong Tatoy, a housewife, and my three siblings. I finished my basic education at Iligan City East Central School in 2005 and at Iligan City National High School in 2008, as one of the Outstanding students. Now I am a graduating college student at MSU-IIT, batch 2010.

“But it did not deter my ambition to study in a very prestigious institution”

One of the most challenging obstacles of all is when my father died when I was a junior high school student. My family suffered because of his unexpected death. My brother had to stop schooling to give way to my sister who was in college while my other sister stopped schooling to search for a job to support our family. After high school, I managed to be part of the government’s Special Program for Employment for Students or a summer job program. Thinking I could be able to pay my enrolment fees at MSU-IIT but unfortunately my meager allowance did not come in time for enrolment. But it did not deter my ambition to study in a very prestigious institution in Mindanao so I resorted to lending some money for my enrolment and became a bonafide MSU-IIT student.

Since my first year as an Electronics Engineering Technology student at the School of Computer Studies, I have been facing many challenges along the way as I needed to face all financial responsibilities like daily sustenance, tuition fees and laboratory fees especially that I belonged to the ladderized program with special tuition fees as high as seven thousand. I was ready to become a Student Assistant in the department of ESET but fortunately I came across the scholarship program offered by AIITAFI. I mustered all courage coupled with prayers to apply for a slot. God must have been pleased with my sincerity that I made it to the list of the chosen few scholars this school year.

The AIITAFI scholarship has been very helpful to me and my fellow scholars. We were not only provided financial assistance for our tuition fees but also it has provided us a solace when we just simply needed strength and encouragement as I have likewise built good friendship with my fellow scholars. Indeed, I have found friends whom I can count on for. Undoubtedly, this has made AIITAFI scholarship very unique. We have become united in our desire to successfully earn our diploma while building lasting bonds of friendship and memories. Similarly, AIITAFI has taught us scholars to learn how to present ourselves well to other people in simple and humble ways and have the confidence to stand on our own and reach our goals in life. I have used my skills and my humble knowledge during my On-The-Job-Training in December 2009 to February 2010 at JBB Electronics. I am hopeful that after graduation, I will land a job soon.

On April 8, 2010, I will reap my harvest, the much-coveted Diploma in Electronics Technology major in Communication Technology. I am very proud and happy to become one of the privileged graduates of MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology, proud to be an IITian and grateful for all the learning I have gained. I owe a lot to those who cleared the hazy clouds and rough roads that I had encountered. I most grateful to the members of the Board of the AIITAFI for the resources they have provided me and for their philanthropy; for what they have shared unto me; for being instrumental to my being a disciplined and conscientious person; and for the friendship they have shared with me. Special mention goes out to its magnanimous President, Professor Darwin J. Manubag and the supportive officers and directors. In behalf of all the scholars of AIITAFI, I rendered my deepest thanks to all of you. Thank you very much. No right words can express my heartfelt gratitude.

To sponsor an alumni scholar, please contact any AIITAFI officer or visit the MSU-IIT Bahay Alumni at the CED grounds. You may contact AIITAFI at 221-4599 and look for Dexie or email us at

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