College of Nursing

College Overview

The college was first established in 2004, as an extension unit of the College of Health Sciences of the Mindanao State University-Main Campus. Then on November 2009, upon the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and in view of complying with all the requirements and conditions for the establishment of a College of Nursing pursuant to BOR Resolution No. 46, S. 2005, the MSU-IIT College of Nursing (CON) was established, separate from MSU  Marawi’s College of Health Sciences. As the youngest college of MSU-IIT, the College of Nursing has consistently appeared in the national Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) as the top performing nursing school in the country.

It has one program offering, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Along with efficient and highly competent faculty members, a myriad of equipment and facilities are provided to ensure high caliber graduates are molded with adequate knowledge, skills, and attitudes to prepare them in the globally competitive arena of the nursing profession.

Brief History

The humble beginnings of the MSU-IIT College of Nursing began sometime in 2003, when Dr. Arnulfo P. Supe, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, conceived the opening of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology. Dr. Supe created a task force to plan out for the opening of such a program. On February 7, 2004, the Board of Regents of Mindanao State University system approved the offering of the BS Nursing program. Unfortunately, in that same year, there was a mushrooming of nursing schools in the Philippines that led to the moratorium of the offering of BS Nursing. In as much as the CHED memorandum applies to all private and government institutions, MSU-IIT was affected by it, thus, MSU-IIT officials decided to have the BS Nursing program under the MSU Main Campus College of Health Sciences.

In June 2004, a 4-year nursing program, with Prof. Clowe D. Jondonero, as the Chairman, was implemented as an Extension Campus to the College of Health Sciences of MSU Main Campus with 120 aspiring nursing students, after a grueling selective admission under 2 faculty members. The facilities were then unimpressive and classes pursued amidst limited classrooms. As the latter was situated within the confines of MSU-IIT, it assumed its residency under the College of Science and Mathematics such that, along with the Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Chemistry, the now defunct Department of Health Sciences was the youngest department to operate not only in CSM buy in university grounds as well.

The following year saw the expansion of the Department as another 120 nursing students, and another 5 faculty members were added. A total of 240 students with 7 faculty members hurdled the most trying situations confront them to meet the expectations of the curriculum and the society.

In March 2006, the first set of graduates was producon as per implementation of the AHSE Curriculum. Moreover, most of the nursing students attained academic awards in recognition of their scholastic performance.

Continuously, the Department of Health Sciences never ceased to decrease in number in terms of enrollees, and with that another set of faculty members came in to fill the need of the students.

In June 2008, the first batch took the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) and garnered an outstanding 98.00% passing rate with two topnotchers landing both in 6th place. The high passing rate put MSU as a top 2 Performing Nursing School in the Philippines. In December of the same year, three (3) graduates took the NLE and got a 100 % passing rate. In June 2009, the next set of graduates garnered 98.15% passing rate, with one topnotcher (10th place) who was the only placer in the whole of Mindanao.

In November 2009, pursuant to BOR Resolution No. 46, S. 2005, and in view of the compliance of all the requirements and conditions for the establishment of a College of Nursing, and upon the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the College of Nursing was thereby created at MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, separate and distinct from that of the College of Health Sciences of the main campus.

In June 2010, the third batch of graduates got 98.9% passing rate, putting the school again as a top two Performing Nursing School in the country. Because of this, MSU-IIT was duly recognized for its high standards of quality nursing education. The College of Nursing has sustained MSU-IIT’s vision.

Dean's Message

Welcome to MSU-IIT College of Nursing Website.

In our 17 years of existence, the college has grown and has proven its worth alongside the impressive track record from the pillar colleges of MSU-IIT. We owe our growth to the former administrators both from the institute and college leaders, faculty members, dedicated staff and passionate nursing students through the years.
The journey has not been easy. Like birthing pains, the College of Nursing has its own share of challenges and bumps along the way. But with firm dedication to excellence in teaching/instructing, research and extension, we somehow found our niche in this prestigious institution. Guided with the mission, vision and goals of the institute, our college has always been a humble team player in all endeavors, although the youngest and smallest college, we have always been an active partner in all academic plans and implementations. What we have achieved so far is the reflection of the committed dedication to the academic, research, extension and clinical ideals set forth by CON’s fine leaders, mentors and equally impressive nursing students.

We have strived in the last 17 years to continue to teach the timeliest teaching skills for clinical instructors, giving them ample opportunity to increase their knowledge through faculty development trainings and seminars in their field of specialization, and making sure that the clinical experience of the students would somehow prepare our graduates to the world of nursing whether national and international standards while teaching them humble nursing service to humankind. Up to date, all faculty members are master’s degree holders with specific areas of specialization with 3 Doctor of Science in Nursing- Gerontology and 1 Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Research. With 5 more faculty members finishing their PhD in Nursing, we are fueled to give the very best in teaching and mentoring to the best that we can.
Aside from this, our achievements from the board exams have translated MSU-IIT CON being Top 10 nursing schools in the past years. Alongside this endeavor is our quest for accreditation of our nursing program which is now on its last accreditation visit for LEVEL 3 with AACCUP. It was strenuous but worth it, because we also knew that God has sustained us through all these undertakings.
Research and extension works are also given priority by the college, as a matter of fact, through the years we have come-up with various research studies which have been published by different journals in the country and in the international arena. Aside from various invitations to research forums, our nursing faculty members and students have represented the college in various exciting research events both here and abroad. But this does not stop with publication and presentation alone; CON has always believed in the strong link between research and the actual extension services that has sprung from the said inquisitive academic expeditions. The college believes that the theory of research and discovery of societal dilemmas should also equate with active translation of solutions to the societies ill via community extension services.
Nursing students were exposed to various activities not only in the confines of the classroom or clinics but were active participants in every endeavor of the college and MSU-IIT. This is to give them the avenue to explore their full potential and capability with the sense of awareness of their duties and responsibilities at present and in the future. As Donna Wilk Cardillo stated, “Nurses are the heart of healthcare”, we are driven to instill this in our nursing students and to take pride in this humble profession when they eventually graduate and do their practice.
With the current threat of COVID-19, CON strives to learn and utilize the usage of technology through the innovative flexible learning and teaching strategies through various applications and online academic tasks to deliver our goal. It is indeed daunting and difficult with tremendous obstacles for both the faculty members and nursing students, but we brace ourselves for this challenge. We cannot do otherwise but, to mitigate and adapt as the situation calls for it. And as nurses, we learn to have options and back-up plans in order to teach and guide. Although it is very challenging and we are groping for this unexpected event, we still go on and move forward.

In CON, we believe to hone not only world class nursing graduates, but compassionate health care workers in the future. After all as Val Saintsbury aptly quoted, “Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription”. CON will always aspire for quality and commendable professional attitude, but never forgetting the real essence of nursing service, “to care and give quality nursing graduates who are transculturally responsive that will serve the world”.

With this aim in mind, we continue on with our CON journey and the challenges that go with it.
We cordially welcome you all to MSU-IIT’s College of Nursing online site.

Office of the Dean

Academic Unit Heads

Assistant Dean Asst. Prof. LEAH MAY P. MADJUS, MN, RN
Clinical Coordinator Assoc. Prof. ABDULLAH JUNIOR S. MANGARUN, DSN, MAN, RN
Research and Extension Coordinator Assoc. Prof. MAE-LANIE O. POBLETE, DSN, MAN, RN
Curriculum Coordinators Assoc. Prof. KHANDY LORRAINE G. APSAY, MAN, RN


Name Duties and Responsibilities
  • Encodes data; serves as college clerk;
  • Prepares communications and endorsements;
  • Prepares notice of meetings, office memos, certification and other documents
  • Serves as financial assistant;
  • Processes all financial matters of the college;
  • Assists faculty and staff in travels and activities;
  • Secures all college facilities and equipment;
  • Acts as Laboratory Technician;
  • Assists during lectures and return demonstrations;
  • Prepares equipment for faculty and students’ use;
  • Checks functionality of laboratory tools and equipment;
  • Keeps laboratories clean and safe for use;
  • Books the schedule for an organized laboratory utilization; and
  • Assists the Dean on whatever task is given;

Goals and Objectives


  • To continue offering high quality and relevant nursing and other health related programs and produce globally competitive health manpower
  • To integrate research competencies in health courses aside from the required general competencies of certain health degree
  • To develop health programs that will meet the health needs of the region in particular and the country in general
  • To conduct health research studies and make available research funding to concerned population in order to spur health development


  • To develop and implement training programs geared to meet the technical and skilled manpower requirements of the specific type, magnitude, and level of competence needed by existing and projected industries in Iligan City and its environs;
  • To initiate and undertake projects and studies which bear on the manpower needs, industrial growth of Iligan, and other development projects including those needed by specific industries;
  • To organize and implement, as needed by the community, academic programs for the development of the technical and professional manpower that will enhance and support the industrial growth of Iligan within the economic and social development plan for Mindanao.
  • To conduct and sustain relevant, innovative research, through the use of the nursing process, that would lead to the utilization of research finding


Name of Agency Nature of Linkages
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Academic cooperation
Cebu Normal University, Cebu City Academic cooperation
Visayas State University, Baybay City, Leyte Academic cooperation
Federation Of Senior Citizens’ Associations of the Philippines (Fscap), Inc. – Iligan City Chapter Care of the Older People Extension Activities, Organization of Annual Filipino Elderly Week Celebration
Bureau of Jail Management and Penology – Iligan City Extension Activities, Sagip-Piitan Initiatives
Life Project 4 Youth Foundation Incorporated (LP4Y) Extension Activities, Health Trainings
Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Cebu City Psychiatric-Mental Health, Neurologic and Orthopedic Clinical Rotation
Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial Hospital Clinical Duty Affiliation
Adventist Medical Center Clinical Duty Affiliation
Iligan City Health Office Community Health Nursing Affiliation
Department of Education – Iligan City Division Office School Nursing Affiliation
Holcim-Philippines, Luga-it Plant Research Projects
Philippine Nursing Research Society, Inc. Research Activities
Asian Center for Drug Policy Academic cooperation, Policy forum
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Academic cooperation, Policy forum
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Events Calendar


19th MSU-IIT Annual In-house Review of R&D Projects

8:00 am - 5:00 pmGoogle Meet and/or Zoom

The 4th International Annual Meeting on STEM Education (IAMSTEM 2021)

8:00 am - 5:00 pmNational Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center, Taiwan



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