Professors from the Institute’s various schools and colleges lectured during the 44th Charter Day Symposia & Fora on July 11, 2012 at the Mini-Theatre. The activity was hosted by the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) and chaired by its Dean, Dr. Evelyn C. Creencia.

The well-attended event offered a list of diverse topics: “Substation Design for MSU-IIT Electrical Distribution System” by Dr. Noel R. Estoperez of the College of Engineering (COE); “Mindanao Power Crisis, Reasons and Its Suggested Solution” by Dr. Remegio B. Gonzales (School of Engineering Technology (SET); “The DOST-PCHRD’s Tuklas Lunas Center at MSU-IIT: An Overview” by Dr. Mylene M. Uy (CSM); “The Snakewoman Myth as Public Dream” by Dr. Christine Godinez-Ortega of the College of Arts & Social Sciences (CASS); “The WorldFish Center and Its Research of Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies in Philippine Coastal Communities” by Dr. Alita T. Roxas (School of Graduate Studies); and, “The Function of glb-12 in C. elegans reproduction” by an exchange professor at the CSM, Dr. Bart P. Braeckman of the University of Ghent.

Dr. Nelia G. Balgoa of CASS, Dr. Arnold C. Alguno of CSM and Prof. Olga May M. Labajo of COE acted as moderators while Prof. Gina A. Malacas of CSM was the emcee of the said activity.

The Symposia & Fora is part of the traditional activities in the annual celebration of the Institute’s Charter Day. Representatives from the College of Nursing and the College of Education were missed during this year’s Symposia & Fora.

Creencia said the Symposia & Fora not only “showcased the best minds of IIT but it also provided a venue for new ideas and technologies to the academic community”. (News release, Office of the Chancellor)

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