by Rex Godinez Ortega

The Association of MSU-IIT Muslim Employees, Inc. (AMMEI) held an induction ceremony for its new set of officers yesterday afternoon at the Institute Mini-Theater.

Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol served as the inducting officer, and gave a message to the 73-member strong association that was formed in 1990.

Engr. Mamatadung S. Dimatanday, head of the Physical Plant Division and the outgoing AMMEI president, turned over the key of responsibility to incoming president Mr. Ismael B. Alango.

Alango is the training officer of the Institute’s Human Resource Management Division, and is active in research activities in the campus.

After the induction of officers ceremony, the AMMEI held a general assembly meeting that opened with the giving of reports of the immediate past president and treasurer.

The new set of officers of AMMEI are the following:

President: Ismael B. Alango
Vice President: Amera Nizran Marsangca
Secretary: Norjanna Badio
Treasurer: Saida Cabugatan
Auditor: Abiden Mamailao
Board of Directors: Yaslani Bantuas
Ashraf Mangoda
Sahrima Mackno
Noraine Tabao
Mamatadung Dimatanday (ex-officio)
Monawira Ali (ex-officio)

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