by Venus R. Parmisana

The MSU System and KU have been in Memorandum of Agreement since 2015 through the leadership of then President Dr. Macapado A. Muslim and the current President Dr. Habib W. Macaayong, and the KU Rector, Prof. Dr. Seyit Aydin, and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sivacioglu, KU Institutional Coordinator on International Relations and Erasmus Programs.

The MSU System will embark a big collaborative project hosting the International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation (ICEFC) on November 18-21, 2018 at Dakak Beach Resort, Dapitan City, Philippines. With Kastamonu University of the Republic of Turkey as co-host, the confab aims to provide a platform for scientists, researchers, academicians, and scholars around the globe to share new paradigms on and innovations in environmental researches and interdisciplinary practices critical to promoting a sustainable world.

ICEFC2018 endeavors actions to attain Global targets on the environmental dimension of Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, which is the overarching impetus for protecting the planet and to support the needs of the present and future generations.

Moreover, ICEFC2018 invites all to send abstracts for oral and poster presentations under these major tracks/topics: Forest Conservation and Management; Environmental Sciences; Environmental Computing & Environmental Engineering; Environmental Education and Governance; Disaster Risk Reduction and Management; Gender and Development; and Social Science-related studies.