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By Karen R. Veloso

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MSU-IIT’s College of Nursing (CON), with its 97.92 % passing rate, is ranked ninth among the top performing nursing schools in the Philippines. The rank announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is based on the results of the recent Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) held last July 2 and 3, 2011.

In the exam, 94 of the 96 examinees passed the Board. The results rank the MSU-IIT as the only nursing school in Mindanao to be in the top 10 schools that have 50 or more examinees garnering at least an 80% passing percentage.

In their official website, the PRC declared that 37,513 out of 78,135 (National Passing Rate: 47.5%) passed the board exam conducted by the Board of Nursing in the key Philippine cities.

The CON has consistently placed among the top performing schools since its pioneering batch took the board exam in June 2008. This batch, which earned a 98% passing rate, counted two alumni topnotchers, one placing sixth. That year’s achievement placed the college, once an extension of MSU-College of Health Sciences, as the 2nd best performing school in the country.

In the December 2008 NLE, all three graduates passed. The second batch of graduates (98.15% passing rate) produced another topnotcher, Jan Igor T. Galinato, now a member of the faculty who at 10th place was the only Mindanaon among the top passers.

The third batch — graduates of a now-separate CON — obtained a 98.99% passing rate to maintain the College’s post as the 2nd best nursing school in the country.

This year, the MSU-IIT joins these top performing schools: Cebu Normal University (100% with 181 examinees), West Visayas State Univesity – La Paz, (100% with 161 examinees), University of the Philippines – Manila (100% with 57 examinees), and the University of Sto. Tomas (99.79% with 468 out of 469 making the grade).

Nursing Dean is Prof. Clowe D. Jondonero.

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