Intel Philippines, in partnership with Philippine Association for Teacher Education – Region X ( PAFTE) and the MSU-IIT College of Education (CED), trained teachers in interactive e-learning, a project-based learning process for the classroom.

Dubbed the “Intel Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches,” the seminar-workshop held January 17 – 19, 2011 at the MSU-IIT Worldlinks Training Center, trained 30 teacher-participants from various institutions in Region 10.

CED E-learning lecture - Amelia Buan

Prof. Amelia T. Buan, Senior Master Trainer from Intel and CED faculty member, with CED colleagues Prof. Shelanee Theresa P. Ruales and Ms. Vita P. Sinconiegue, facilitated the training program.

The Project-Based Approach (PBA) in classrooms encourages students to involve themselves in the learning process through the so-called “higher-order” thinking skills of the 21st century. The approach informs and tools teachers to engage students in projects that enhance learning.

The culminating program, scheduled to coincide with the Deans’ Forum, a parallel event, presented to the Deans of the various attending Teacher Education Institutions the best three outputs of the participants.

The challenges the participants encountered in the workshop have inspired them to extend what they learned to their colleagues in their respective schools.

CED E-learning lecture Group

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