by Sarah Elizabeth Allen

MSU-IIT starts July 2018 with a flag raising ceremony and a special program, at the MSU-IIT Gymnasium, welcoming   this year’s much anticipated charter week. This year, the Institute celebrates its 50th year thus, going with the tag IIT Gold.

Highlighting this opening ceremony was MSU-IIT’s founding Father Dr. Manaros B. Boransing. As guest of honor, he delivered a very powerful speech praising the substantive achievements of the Institute—its leaders, faculty, and staff. Excellence, according to Boransing, “ is the brand name of MSU-IIT and now the Institute is known throughout the county for its academic excellence. This is the achievement of the Faculty and Students of MSU-IIT.”

The best trait about MSU-IIT, he claims, is IIT’s Fiscal and Academic Autonomy which has become “ the rock solid foundation that the IIT of today is seen and admired, is shaped and built on.” Because of this autonomy, IIT has been able to continuously produce excellence for 50 years now.

In his speech he concluded by stating his future hopes for the Institute as well.

“I have a few suggestions—ideas of an old man now approaching 82: First, is to upgrade the IIT Graduate School as World Class; Second, is to expand the Academic Programs of IIT to include courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Architecture and Forestry and other allied courses; Thirdly, is to take a closer look at the new DepEd program K-12 and focus on the Voc-Tech Strand of Senior High School.”

The entire program lasted for two hours while also featuring several presentations particularly from the IPAG and the OPI. The latter showcased its promotional video of IIT Gold, the MSU-IIT coffee table book to be launched this coming July 12, 2018.

This July will indeed be a busy month for IIT. The Institute calendar is tightly filled with several engagements and programs encouraging attendance to all constituents.

This special flag raising program was hosted by the College of Education alongside the Integrated Developmental School.

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