by Jun Karren V. Caparoso

This year’s batch of enrollees at the MSU-IIT LET Review Center completed a free, five-day Seminar-Workshop on Assessment and ICT Multimedia Integration in the 21st Century Classrooms in April and May.

The training would help prepare the participants for future jobs especially teaching where ICT skills and trainings could give them the edge in getting employed.

The same seminar-workshop was conducted twice, on May 26-30, 2014 and on June 9-13, 2014 at the CED ICT Laboratory and World Links Training Center to accommodate 74 participants.

The first three days of the training covered the Intel Elements Course on Assessment in the 21st Century Classrooms which offered an in-depth look at assessment so that the participants could plan, develop and manage student-centered assessments later in their own classrooms.

The last two days focused on UNESCO’s ICT Multimedia Integration for Teaching and Learning which gave participants a broader, yet more refined knowledge of ICT so they may successfully integrate multimedia resources in their lessons.

The MSU-IIT LET Review Center trainers or resource persons and facilitators were the CED ICT Team composed of  Dr. Ruben L. Abucayon, Prof. Shelanee Theresa P. Ruales, Prof. Vita S. Caparoso, Prof. Amelia T. Buan, Ms. Roxan A. Consolacion, Ms. Avril Joy R. Ramayan, Dr. Rebecca M. Alcuizar, Prof. Joy R. Magsayo, and Mr. Jun Karren V. Caparoso.  Ms. Vanessa B. Zabala, served as training manager.

The participants did not only learn new things in the training but also received certificates of completion during the five-day training, or an equivalent of 40-hour training credit. An ICT training may exempt them from taking the computer literacy examination of DepEd for teacher applicants. –by Jun Karren V. Caparoso, CEd for OC-OPI

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