by Venus R. Parmisana

Call it professional training
Call it personal enrichment
Call it DynED or JEEP
Whatever you call it
Surely the 5-day training
Proves to be fruitful.
And Memorable.

How could we ever forget the first day High
Of The introduction session
As we open one-word description
We begin with A for Amazing Amado,
B for Big boy Boylie,
Nice & Naughty for Nancy and
Magnanimous Michelle
How’s Versatile Venus
And Ravishing Rizza?
Thoughtful Tere and Trustworthy Tess
Who’s to forget Loving Loreta
And Little Lua
The Faithful Fatimah Joy and Just Jovy
the little sick Real Rabin and of course
Practically Patient Peter.

And so we were made to believe:
Not to  worry ‘bout
The Police or Teacher
Inside the Computer
Because it
Takes care of our cares!

To finish the first day,
It goes to say
Participants’ unReadiness to the Placement Test
Caused confusion and chaos
as a result,
Boylie was lost Like the Lost Secret.
And so we went home packed with
The Binder and the Reminder:
To Drag and Drop and Click!

Second day’s journey landed participants
To exploring, navigating different coursewares.
Topping the list, though not the easiest:
New Dynamic English and English for Success
Made Peter, Venz, and Nancy panicked;
Marking a Blank Score
But promised to make up to cope with the others’ scores.
On the third day..
We’re groping our way
Around the Records Manager
And Mastery Test
And of course the Clear Speech Works
Bringing us to more confusions…
And so, it occurred:  we CANT (ﻉ  ) or CANT (α) rest!

Fourth day made us do excellent tasks
Such as enrichment activities,
Mind-boggling demonstrations
Leveling up our bonding moments
Formidable partnership of  Venz and Amado
Truly was wonderful listening, participating
Engaging like being true students.
Finishing the day waiting for deliberation
Who’s who to become the JEEP scion.

And voila!  The chosen 5:
Faithful Fatimah Joy, Thoughtful Tere,
Student Sittie, Practical Peter,
and Amazing Amado,

The Last day High sees
Participants with spirits High
Listening to Neophyte Jeep Drivers
delivering  the JEEP Induction
Asking intelligent questions
And Looking forward to Certificate Distribution
Which marks the Training’s Culmination!
Indeed riding the  JEEP
Would have not been smooth sailing
Had it not been to our “ConDoctor” –  Adonis
and  to the Best Tour Guide, –
The Articulate and Observant,
Patient and Accommodating
Soft spoken, and beautiful – Tactful Teresa!
Thank you for the great time.
Thank you dearly for sharing
Fun and learning moments
As we virtually go into the program
Or face the real world.
You will be forever part
of our “Working Memory.”

END of Day 5 with the 5 Wheels
And the 10 Spare Tires!

Delivered @ Maam Teresa’s Class:By: Venus Parmisana
“MSU-IIT JEEP TRAINERS” May 29, 2009Tess Villabona

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