MSU-IIT Educator Selected for Intel® Education Visionaries Program

Amelia T. Buan, an Assistant Professor of the College of Education – Department of Science and Mathematics Education, has been named one of the Intel® Education Visionaries (IEV).

The IEV is an elite group of approximately 40 education leaders from all over the world who will be exemplars for global education transformation; inspire and share best practices with other educators, administrators and parents worldwide; and help Intel design the future of educational technology.

Buan was selected as an IEV on the basis of her insight, passion and proven experience as an agent of change in education. From Oct. 11-14, she will attend the Intel Education Visionaries kickoff event at Intel’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, which will serve as the official launch of the program. The event will bring the Visionaries together to collaborate with other educators and leaders, participate in immersive professional learning sessions, and hear from industry experts.

In addition to being invited to the IEV kickoff event, the program will provide Buan with opportunities to meet and collaborate with other Visionaries worldwide; attend global conferences, events and webinars with Intel Education as appropriate; receive unique professional learning opportunities; and be featured in Intel’s global education communications.

“We are honored and excited to launch the IEV program. We believe great educators and technology can transform learning and prepare students to become the leaders and innovators of the future,” said John Galvin, vice president and general manager of Intel Education.

“We look forward to working closely with these Visionaries to inspire student success around the world,” he added.

The Intel Education Visionaries program is part of Intel’s long-standing commitment to education. For over a decade, Intel Education has worked with more than 15 million teachers and 300 million students in more than 100 countries to help educators inspire students, support schools in achieving educational excellence, and enable better manageability by administrators.

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