by Culture and Arts Studies Center

The MSU-IIT Culture and Arts Studies Center (CulArtS-C) completed a comprehensive 3-year cycle (2018-2020) direction-and-implementation plan pursuing the establishment of a national center for Culture and the Arts.

The planning attended by volunteers last June 24-26 at the Institute campus focused on the production and management of creative resources.

The Center (approved by BOR Res# 19, s.2016, March 16, 2016) provides the resource bin of knowledge and practice producing pedagogy and creative productions. These are complemented by research, training, and the conduct of courses in the trans-disciplines within local culture theoretical frames.

The CulArtS-C is pioneering initiative drawing from the Cultural Studies paradigms of the Stuart Hall-led Birmingham U Center for Contemporary Cultural Studies and similar other programs of leading universities worldwide.

To enhance its position as a hub of cultural resources, the Center links with as wide as possible an international and national network of similar institutions. (It is a member of elite networks like the Asian League of Art Institute, the Asia-Pacific Bond of Theatre Schools, besides initiating collaborations with the Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore, Intercultural Theatre Institute of Singapore, the Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta, and the Taipei National University of the Arts, among others.)

Besides production, the Center will host the Iligan National Writers Workshop to reinforce its Literature and Creative Writing tracks.

Projects fulfill outcomes in the Academy, the Repertory-creative production arms, Research, Publication, Archives, and various dissemination arms, and in the hub of of international and national exchanges.

A published White Paper will soon be available outlining the 3-year Action Plan.

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