MSU–Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), Iligan City, Philippines, is a Regional Academy (RA) partner of Cisco in IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software. As an RA, MSU-IIT functions as a training and support center for local academies and maintains the instructional and program quality standards set by Cisco and the CATCs; recruits and provides support to  local academies; delivers training to instructors to local academies and provides ongoing and timely support. The primary target of MSU-IIT as local academies are all campuses under MSU System, namely: MSU Marawi, MSU Iligan, MSU Naawan, MSU Gensan, MSU Tawi-tawi, MSU Buug, MSU Maigo, MSU Maguindanao, MSU Sulu, MSU LNAC, MSU LNCAT, and MSU Lopez Jaena.

On June 3-13, 2009, IT specialists from various schools under the MSU System convened for a  Trainers’ Training Course on Cisco Certified Academy Instructor for IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Training, at the Computer Laboratory of the School of Computer Studies (SCS). Spearheaded by the Department of Electronics Engineering Technology (ESET), under the   dynamism of Dean Jeremy V. Pinzon,  the training aimed at upgrading the participants’ working knowledge on computers; testing their skills on how to assemble computers; troubleshooting hardware and software, and taking CompTIA A+ Certification Exams.   

(From left, first row:) Roy Allan Pamitalan, Michael Angelo Cobo, Dan Israel Bagsican, Allan Bicada, Felix Villaluz II, Ricardo Coronado, Alan Vergara; (second row:) Ernesto Empig, Joverinde Elbina, Eddie Bouy Palad, Romelyn Inocencio, Editha Dimalin, Ranie Boy Agad, Nor-ain Ampang, Maria Erica Gonzaga, Erma Celia Retiza, Suzette Agad, Alexander Gaw, Llewelyn Elcana, January Febro, Joseph Sieras, Eugene Mosqueda; (third row:) Ivan Ray Lacanaria, Frederick Navato, Owen Lopez, Sadat Abdulrasid

Under the able and enthusiastic trainers, namely: Mr. Ranie Boy B. Agad and Engr. Roy Alan L. Pamitalan, the training combined lecture, hands-on, and online examinations which   armed the participants with enhanced skills on the latest trends in Information and Communication Technology. Likewise, this course is aligned with the objectives of  the first three modules of the EUCIP IT Administrator certifications: Module 1 PC Hardware, Module 2 Operating Systems, and Module 3 Local Area Networks and Network Services.

There were 23 partipants who successfully made it to the 2-week of gruelling training; 14 were from MSU-IIT, 3 from MSU-Marawi, 2 from MSU-LNAC, 1 from Camansi NHS-Davao City, 1 from MSU-Naawan, 1 from MSU Maguindanao, and 1 from MSU-Baloi. The participants were able to assemble and disassemble computer hardware, install the operating system, install and configure the network, and troubleshoot computer hardware and software. Also they successfully passed series of everyday online examinations of Cisco.

When queried on how they felt about the training, the participants readily commented that they enjoyed the training and many responded that the training was overwhelming, rigid but worthwhile. As Ms. Llavern Elcana of MSU-Marawi, put it, “the training is exhilirating and exuberating experience… the new EEE.”  It is hoped that participants can share their additional knowledge and acquired skills with their colleagues when they go back to their respective institution.

Prof. Ermesto Empig, Chairperson of the ESET Department and Coordinator of the said training, hoped that there should be more trainings similar to this undertaking in order to keep instructors and enthusiasts in the IT field abreast with the current trends to become 21st century mentors in their respective Institution.

Allan BicadaMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyESET Department
Ricardo CoronadoMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyESET Department
Alexander GawMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyESET Department
Ivan Ray LacanariaMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyESET Department
Editha DimalinMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyIT Department
Romelyn InocencioMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyIT Department
Eddie Bouy PaladMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyIT Department
Michael Angelo CoboMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyCS Department
Maria Erica GonzagaMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyCS Department
Dan Israel BagsicanMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyCollege of Education
Frederick NavatoMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyCollege of Education
Alan VergaraMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyBudget Office
Suzette AgadMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyMICeL
Owen LopezMSU-Iligan Institute of TechnologyOffice of the Chancellor
Felix Villaluz IIMSU – NaawanComputer Center
Joverinde ElbinaMSU – Lanao Norte Agricultural CollegeMSU – LNAC
 Erma Celia RetizaMSU – Lanao Norte Agricultural CollegeMSU – LNAC
Nor-ain AmpangMSU – Baloi Community CollegeMBCC
Llewelyn ElcanaMSU – Main, MarawiComputer Science Dept.
January FebroMSU – Main, MarawiComputer Science Dept.
Joseph SierasMSU – Main, MarawiComputer Science Dept.
Sadat AbdulrasidMSU – MaguindanaoComputer Center
Eugene MosquedaCamansi National High SchoolComputer Center

Learning Moments

Assembling and disassembling computer hardware


Taking Online Examinations

Lecture Session

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